Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Team Building Events that Your Workforce Will Love To Participate in!

There is nothing better than group activities to help employees realise their maximum potential. Not only do such activities promote a healthy work environment, but they also act as ice-breakers between the team members and their managers.

Thus, there’s an improvement in vertical and horizontal communication. This, in turn, further boosts employee performance and hence overall productivity. But, to have the desired effect, team building programmes must be exciting, to gather maximum participation from employees.

Here are a few team building activities for employees that are great for developing a positive office culture:

  1. Play of possibilities

Team members can sub-divide themselves into smaller groups. One person in every group is assigned an object. He/she must explain the same to his/her respective team members using the appropriate gestures. Further, one must also indicate possible use of the assigned object.

The demonstrator must not speak. Plus, managers can also grant bonus points for innovative demonstrations. This game works as an excellent facilitator for team communication and bonding. Besides it also increases individual innovation and creativity, both of which positively impact group projects.

  1. Losers and winners

Losers and winners is an activity in which team members should divide themselves into groups of two. Herein, one of the participants shares a negative work or personal experience with the other team.

The listener, in turn, helps the speaker see a silver lining in that experience and explore its hidden positive impacts. After this, they attempt a role reversal.

This game helps individuals improve their outlook towards work. Hence they develop a sense of positivism, which also encourages a better work culture. Plus, they can also take the best even from adverse situations.

A positive outlook helps individuals develop their perspective and improves their problem-solving skills. Therefore employees can effectively handle adverse situations due to this activity.

  1. Purpose Sharing

This is an excellent activity for productivity improvement. Team members only have to share what they can contribute to a particular project. People who deliver according to their spoken word are awarded for their efforts.

Such a programme also helps individuals think about their contributions to a project while assisting them to improve on their skills. Plus, purpose sharing also increases meeting productivity.

  1. Draw as I speak

Participants can divide themselves into groups of two members each. Both the members are required to sit back-to-back, as one of them gets a pen and a paper, and the other gets the picture.

The individual with the picture instructs his/her, partner, to draw the picture following the instructions. Therefore, this activity focuses on enhancing communication and interpretation between the team members. Also, since one participant follows the directions of the other herein, it also serves as an excellent trust builder between team members.

Both of these factors help individuals interact better in a group, thereby ensuring effective collaboration during a project. This, in turn, leads to better routine and productivity.

Therefore, these team building activities promote inter-employee rapport. Hence team members can work better as a unit. Plus, these programmes also help employees deal with various professional situations.

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