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Team Wear - How to Choose the Best!

Team Wear

How important is a uniform or team wear? Team wear is not just a few articles of color-coordinated clothing pieced together to look appealing. Team wear represents important values, symbols, competency, and, most importantly, team spirit.

Imagine you are walking down an alley or a lane, and you come across your favorite sports team’s jersey color on a wall; you will recognize the color and compare it in a second. Your brain literally takes milliseconds to put two and two together.

That’s how important a uniform can be if put together right; be it for a sports team, an office outing, or a charity event- a widely recognized team wear can be a testimony of your values and skills. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to look good as well!   

Therefore, consider a few factors when you make your final decision on team wear that will represent your organization. You need to have some clear cut criteria to make sure it sends the right message, and you get the best return out of your investment.

The Right Kind Of Material

Materials can make a world of difference in how your uniform will look. It also can be a factor in affecting the performance of a sports team; it’s vital to choose a comfortable fabric for quick and flexible movements.

Another criteria for a sports team is to find a material which evaporates sweat easily and keeps the body cool in hot temperature. Consider the kind of weather you will be playing in, and decide on the right fit. Some common materials are jersey, pro-mesh, jacquard, cotton, and polyester. 

A Trusted Source

The first thing you need to consider when finding a reliable source is if the company will understand your preference and deliver the team wear timely. Don’t think of finding a company or a source for a one-off order; think long term.

There’s no point in wasting your time looking for a new company every single time you need apparel for your team. It’s painstaking, and you might not get a satisfying result every time.

Research several companies; look for reviews online. The company should also have a good rating and reputation within the industry, and this might make them a bit expensive, but the service will be worth the price. 

Team Spirit

It’s not always about the looks of the uniform (it doesn’t hurt to choose attractive ones though), but it’s also what kind of message the uniform is sending out.

There is a certain unity and equality in wearing the same outfit by everyone in a team despite the ranks. It gives a feeling of empowerment when everyone looks the same and tend to act better as a team. Think long and hard about what kind of special message you want to send out to the fans and the general public.

Another way of spreading team spirit is by mascots wearing special team apparel. It’s a great way to reach out and entertain the fans. But it might not be as straightforward as putting on apparel on the players.

Mascots need special fitting, and there are certain rules of dos and don’ts of putting mascots on sports attire.

Screen Print Shirts

You can also raise team spirit by designing spirit tee-shirts for your team, fans, and spectators. This is another strong way to build trust and also a great way to show support from the fans at events or matches.

Every time someone wears a shirt outside of a team-related event, it can work as free promotion and publicity for the team.

It can be a challenge to create a design from scratch, so it’s always better to take suggestions from a screen print expert. Find an adept company that can help you with color schemes, logos, and embroidery.


The reason why you would want to find a trusted and conscientious screen print company and the right sort of material for your team apparel is to maintain the quality. The aim is to produce high quality and durable end product.

It’s no secret that playing sports will cause duress and strain on the clothes, even during practice. Therefore, it’s quite essential for the apparel to be strong enough to endure the strain; it must be high quality to last a long time.

Another great idea is to have a few sets of team wear, some for practice and at least one set for the actual game day. This will ensure everyone is looking their best on the big day.

One Shop To Buy Everything

Nothing is more annoying than to order a bunch of products from different stores and then dealing with different people and issues related to the orders.

To save yourself some time and your sanity, find a company or a store that can provide you with all your necessary team apparel purchases.

You can also score discounts when purchasing a large number of orders from one company. Continuous orders will also create a great relationship with your supplier.

The Final Criteria

The whole idea behind team apparel is to bring unity and create memories. The color, the design, the prints- these are the ways to make statements and show inclusion and diversity. It’s just not any simple garment; it can make a profound statement and create precious memories for thousands. The final criterion is to realize that these apparels represent the whole identity of the team, and it can be anything you want!

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