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Tech Jobs - In-Demand Jobs in Technology

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Remember when twenty one pilots rapped “now they're laughing at our face Saying, "Wake up, you need to make money" and we all felt that? Numerous industries are growing and evolving at a fast pace around us and it can be stressful to choose which path works for long term. If you have a savvy mind, https://keepgoods.com/ today presents you high demand technology jobs.

  • Cyber security:

Once hackers had to spend hours to crack into system but due to technology advancement tools are easily available for the black sheep purpose. 2019 is marked as the year with most security breaches and personal data leakage from webs as prominent as Facebook which has opened a lot of opportunities for cyber security position. Cyber security personnel is concerned with all security updates and improvising, analyze threats, secure data and responding to cyber incidents by numerous techniques of investigations. The field of cyber security also offers roles as

  • Digital forensics
  • Cyber risk and strategic analysis
  • Network and system engineering
  • test and run new security measures
  • AI/machine learning engineer:

Artificial engineer is a 21st century job position opening for which the degree may not be easily accessible to pursue today but is a long term beneficial work. An AI engineer role sets down for machine learning, software design, statistics, and to create and deploy machine learning algorithms. They are required to be skilled at mathematics, CS and programming, CI/CD, and SDLC knowledge.  AI engineers are required to build, test and maintain AI machines and its infrastructure while also acting as a problem solver between implementations of traditional software design and machine learning.

  • Programming Language Developer:  

Python, java and java scripts developers are most in demand according to a research by indeed. Java has always been the dominant programming language but due to increase in artificial intelligence and machine learning Python has started to level up in industry. Javascript still holds its importance being the programming language supported across all websites which makes it easier to create, control and modify websites.

  • Full Stack Developer:

For efficiency developers are required to work on backend, frontend and all interlinked operations and were hired individually for each purpose. Full stack developers provide service to develop website and application from scratch without intermittent the process. They also offer to solve glitches owing diverse set of coding skills.

  • Cloud Architect:

A company’s cloud architect is responsible for cloud computing strategies including adoption of plans, application design, monitoring and management. The cloud can be of private, public or hybrid category.

They are also required to be an expert in designing and transferring data to cloud and command over multiple programming languages including Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst:

BI analyst work as consultants for organizations or cooperates to maximize the data utilization. They are required to be expert in technologies like SQL, Cognos and other similar business resources. They often work with developers to define report and provide solutions for data infrastructure including the responsibility to develop new business structures. Apart from these positions the IT industry is creating new roles every few whiles. Stay tuned at  themedownloaded.com for more up to date blogs.

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