Friday, September 29, 2023
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Tech Shabbat: Why is it necessary in this digital dominated world?

There is no denying the fact that technology has changed the way we live our life. The numerous technological inventions such as mobile phones, computers, television, laptops and the list go on. We are now able to communicate with people faster, do work at lightning speed because of advancement that technology has bestowed upon us.

However, with bane comes the boon. The tons of benefits and convenience provided by tech products which we have surrounded ourselves have also made us a servant relying on them heavily.

No wonder, people start feeling anxiety the very moment they are not able to find their phone. This has indeed begun to take the shape of a new concept widely known as digital addiction.

The heavy toll of digital addiction on our life

Yes, you heard it right! It is just like any other addiction where people become obsessed with certain things. So, this addiction is nothing less than a drug, alcohol or anything. Thus, it is vital to ensure that you don’t fall into such a trap that has so many side effects, such as:

  • Stress
  • Increasing anxiety
  • Reducing concentration
  • Disturbance in sleep
  • Isolation
How can tech Shabbat help you stay sane and digital free?

The average consumption of media in the UK is approximately 9 hours and 38 minutes which includes TVs, phones, laptops and every other source of digital media. Well, the figure itself is quite clear that the ongoing pattern of digital consumption among the people indicates the significant dependence on tech in their daily life.

Well, there must be an excellent solution to save yourself from this. Indeed, there is one not so complicated way to protect yourself from digital addiction that is tech Shabbat. It’s a new concept that helps to get out of the obsession with tech. It is where an individual has to stop using all their tech devices for one day once a week.

Now, let us understand how it works and what its benefits are.

     The rule of following tech Shabbat

The tech Shabbat is similar to the fasting process. Instead of food, you have to stop the consumption of any digital products for a day. Doing this might not be possible on the working days, especially on Monday.

The best approach would be to unplug yourself from all the tech products during the weekend or Sunday, where you will be mostly free. You can do the majority of your work during the weekdays and free yourself from all the tech products. Rather than tapping the screen of your phone and typing on your laptop, you could spend your time on other things.

How tech Shabbat at least once a week can benefit you?

In today’s life, where we have attached ourselves so much with tech, gadgets and devices, that for every smallest of work, we rely upon them. Yes, using it as a medium to finish the job faster is an excellent option to use them. But, relying on and latching one’s mind to devices for everything might eventually do more harm than good.

Now, taking single daybreak in a week can benefit you in numerous forms which we will be discussing them one by one.

Higher productivity

The first and foremost benefit that you will get from a day off from your tech companion is higher productivity. Now, a different point will come into your mind that does the tech help us not do our work faster? Well, it is true that it actually helps in that but have you ever given the thought of the constant scrolling of your social media feed that sometimes can be endless.

This is the grey area where your productivity is hampered while using tech for your entertainment. Thus, tech Shabbat can help you stop such activities, and you could dive into other productive things of your life.

Merge with Mother Nature

What was the last time when you visited any park or went for travel?  And even if you did, are you sure that you were out of reach from the control of tech devices? So, taking a day off and using it on meeting the nature where you can do tons of activities, such as:

  • going to the park,
  • visiting any local sightseeing place,
  • going for a vacation on a hilly station
  • bicycling
  • growing plants with your children

For an unplanned trip, you might need additional funds which you can fill up by long term loans with no credit check from a reputed lender.                             

Increased sleep habit

Today, the majority of the people after reaching their home from work getting into their comfy pyjamas and start watching their favourite TV series and indulge themselves in the media world. Even people nowadays have the habit of using their phone even while eating food.

Due to this, people often stay awake late till night which can affect their health. Freeing yourself from digital devices will give you a lot of time and space to relax your mind and overall increase your sleep habits.

So, this was everything that you need to know about tech Shabbat; how it works and what are its immense benefits to the person, if followed effectively? You might not be successful in the starting, but the more you will practice, the better will be your performance.

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