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Technical specification of SMPS adapter

You have completed the initial stages of your new design and are waiting for the project to be completed, but some tasks remain, including the selection of a low voltage DC input power connector. Specifying the right SMPS adapter is not a complicated task and can be accomplished quickly and painlessly. Choosing one of the most commonly used models is always the best option for power supply connections as these connectors are cheap and easily available.

Low voltage dc power connectors

Low voltage DC power connectors, often referred to as barrel connectors, are specified by both current and voltage manufacturer. These ratings ensure reliability when using these connectors in a power distribution application made by SMPS adapter manufacturer India. The plug for both the jack and barrel connectors has one open conductor and another record conductor. The advantage of the second conductor reported is that it is difficult to accidentally shorten between two conductors. Additionally, there should be little concern that sensitive devices will be damaged by incorrectly replacing the power connector as barrel connectors are used almost exclusively to supply power to electronic devices.

Reflections in jack, plug and DC power application

While the barrel is not a definite standard for the definition of a power connector, the electronics industry has moved on to the general use of the terms jack, plug and eclipse. The jack usually receives power and is mounted in the tool either on the PCB or in the chassis. Plugs are often located on the electrical cord and supply electricity from the power supply. Reception is also placed on the power cord and power is received from the mating plug.

DC Power Connector Gender Definitions

Gender definitions for DC power connectors are less standardized than for JCs, plugs and receptors. Some in the industry avoid discussing male and female connectors when discussing connectors, while many engineers have adopted center pin configurations to determine the sex of the barrel power connector, while RF connectors follow industry conventions. The connector with the center pin is accepted as male and the mating connector as female. Users should be aware that there are standard jack and plug combinations that have center pins for some and plug-ins for others.

Understand the parameters of the barrel connector

A common standard for defining a barrel connector is the diameter of the inner pin and the outer sleeve. The normal diameters of the inner pin and the outer sleeve are shown in the table below:

Typical DC power connector inner pin and outer sleeved diameter

The diameter of the inner sleeve (which interfaces with the inner pin) should be slightly larger than the mating pin, but manufacturers have not standardized on general approval. The special mating connection for the outer sleeve is the cantilever flat spring and therefore it is not important for the proper operation of the connector between the outer sleeve and the mating connector.

The third parameter specified on the DC power connector is the insertion depth. The dimensions of the jack incision depth can often be shorter than the length of the plug barrel which can be explained for two reasons. First, the plug barrels do not need to be completely closed by the receiving jack when the connectors are added and thus the barrel length is more acceptable than the jack induction depth. Second, in some installations, the depth of the chassis wall must be taken into account. When the connectors are allied, the extra depth in the length of the plug barrel has to be calculated.

Conductors in DC power connectors

The standard DC barrel plug or jack has two conductors, one for power and one for ground. The assembly is for the power to be edged in the center pin and the outer sleeve, but to attachments is acceptable. Some power jack models include a third conductor that makes the switch with an external sleeve conductor. One use of the switch function is to detect or indicate the insertion of a plug. Another use of the switch function is to choose between power sources depending on whether the plug includes a jack. Thus, you must need to buy the best SMPS adapter for your usage.


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