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Technologies Every Business Looking for Internet Marketing Companies Phoenix Should Focus On

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The marketing world, in general, is extremely prone to change. Since the rate of 'change' on digital platforms is much faster than in traditional outlets, digital marketers always have to stay ten steps ahead to ensure they don't miss out on the latest trends or digital revolutions. For instance, no one had even heard of TikTok videos a few years ago. Now, companies, major institutions, and prominent figures are jumping on the TikTok bandwagon for exposure.

That's why companies that are looking for internet marketing companies Phoenix must prioritize technology. The marketing companies that use the latest marketing technologies are better equipped to adapt themselves to the changing consumer landscapes. Most of these latest marketing trends are focused on improving personalization and boosting interactions between consumers and businesses. These are the main ways in which businesses can meet ever-evolving customer demands.

Here are the technological capabilities that companies should seek from their marketing partners -

Analytics and Detailed Data Analysis 

Analytics is and always has been the backbone of successful marketing endeavors. Even though the use of analytics in marketing is relatively new, its importance has skyrocketed in the past few years.

The companies that still avoid investing in analytics will be obliterated by companies with dedicated analytics teams in the world of marketing. Businesses that use data or analytics-driven marketing generate five to eight times the return on investment on their total marketing expenditure. The competitive advantage that analytics provides when assessing consumer data is way too significant to avoid.

Modern analytics tools enable smaller companies to convert vast amounts of accumulated data into valuable insights regarding customer service. These data-based insights are fundamental for selecting the correct marketing channels. Most businesses have already apprehended that their marketing plans' success depends heavily on their use of analytics. That's why, in the next decade, tools that process complex customer data in real-time will be in high demand.

Companies that engage in analytics-driven marketing grow at a 30% rate every year. Their preparedness and objective approach to marketing helps them outperform other businesses that are slower to adapt.

AI-Powered Analytics 

In 2020, any conversation about analytics without the mention of AI is incomplete. Only Artificial Intelligence tools can make data valuable. If marketing companies don't have the capability to assess large amounts of customer data in real-time, what's the point of amassing tons of customer data?

To maximize their use of data analytics, marketing companies must invest in AI tools and other automation tools.

Only then they'll be able to render the gigantic amounts of customer information. Hence, companies should aim to team up with marketing companies with access to AI-powered tools that can provide - 

  • Actionable insights into customer data

  • Deliver real-time analyses of customer behavior

  • Convenient integration with existing analytics tools

It's astonishing how large amounts of data that would have taken years to analyze, even three years ago, can now be sorted, categorized, and assessed within seconds. These super-human technologies will dominate the marketing world for many years. To climb the ladder of marketing success faster than competing companies, teaming up with an automation-friendly marketing company is necessary for businesses.

Voice Searching – Optimizing Business Websites for Voice Searches 

Every year, the number of 'voice searches' keeps increasing. The rise of voice-enabled assistant tools like Alexa or Siri has contributed heavily to this trend. In fact, a major percentage of the population uses voice searches either on these assistant tools or on their smartphones to discover local businesses, the latest deals, shopping guides, etc.

Search Engine Optimization plans must incorporate this trend. Or else, competing businesses will! Of course, setting up an SEO plan for text-based searches is completely different from setting up SEO plans for voice-based searches. The amount of revenue that voice searches rake in for eCommerce websites is estimated to triple in the next four years. Since voice searches are still a relatively unexplored or untapped trend, smaller and local companies can benefit a lot by teaming up with internet marketing companies that specialize in optimizing eCommerce websites for voice searches.

Providing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences (AR/VR)

Modern-day internet marketing is all about differentiation. The brands that differentiate themselves from competitors are more likely to make positive impressions on target customers. That's why businesses should actively aim to invest in AR/VR technology. Creating immersive digital worlds is expensive. But, these experiences can be leveraged to create long-lasting impressions on target customers.

  • Overall, businesses that team up with tech-driven marketing companies will

  • Improve their chances of securing new leads

  • Stand out from competitors by leveraging the latest technologies.

  • Foster positive interaction with target customers


Small businesses that aim to achieve internet marketing success in this digital disruption age need to have technology on their side! That’s why assessing a marketing firm's technological ambitions is vital before signing any contracts.

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