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Top 3 Telephone Answering Mistakes that agents shouldn’t commit

In this hyper-competitive era, it is imperative to make sure that customer calls don’t go unanswered. That’s why most of the business owners avail impeccable telephone answering service from the reputed BPO firms of Australia, UK, etc.

But there are some hidden mistakes that BPO firms have been committing unknowingly. Of course, we aren’t saying that business owners should run an in-house call centre in order to cater to customer’s needs. All we want to say that BPO firms should rectify all the hidden errors so as to make telephone answering service more reliable.

With the help of this blog, we are going to talk about telephone answering mistakes that BPO firms should watch out for. So, have a look at the following pointers:

Making it difficult to speak with agents

As per the reports, around 60% of customers prefer to make a call to get the desired services. But managing so many customer service queries on one channel could give a vexing experience. That’s the main reason why BPO firms bring the IVR system into the play. Customers are supposed to solve minor or common issues by using the IVR menu.

But there is a high possibility that customers may not find the desired option in the IVR menu. Therefore, it is significant for the BPO firms to add an option that allows customers to speak with support agents.

Don’t take this factor for granted because whenever customers face difficulty to get connected with agents, both CX level and CSAT score get affected.

Unpleasant hold time

From small companies to multinationals, everyone prefers to avail telephone answering service from the reputed BPO firms because the latter have the team of deft agents that can wipe-out the issues from the root.

In addition, BPO firms always make sure that agents give quick resolutions to customers. However, some intricate issues take time to be solved. Owing to this, agents put the customer call on hold. For the sake of proper resolution, customers agree to wait on the call.

But the hassle of call hang-ups and poor CSAT score comes out when customers have to listen to a plain beep or non-stop automated voice during the hold time.

Therefore, it is paramount for the BPO firms to make the hold time pleasant. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do so as sharing product-related information or simply playing light music can do the trick.

Making customers repeat the information

Last but not the least, asking for already provided information again can easily make customers irked. It is so because whenever customers make a call, they expect that agents have common information such as name, previous interaction history, and so on.

But when agents make customers repeat the information, the CSAT score gets affected. Therefore, it is imperative for the BPO firms to make certain that agents use the database during the customer interaction as that’s the simplest way to offer unmatched telephone answering service.


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