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Template Monster Masters the Art of Creating a Stand-out Digital Portfolio for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is no less challenging than landing a rewarding job. In this age of neck-to-neck competition, running a business is the most challenging business for the entrepreneurs. They need to have a finger in every pot while juggling many hats at the same time. Whether you own a start-up or have already made a name in business, having a digital portfolio is the passport to reach out to a larger pool of prospective customers.

Like a job seeker, an entrepreneur – whether a newbie or a stalwart - also needs a clear, catchy and complete portfolio. Most importantly, as a business owner, you should make sure that your portfolio stands out from the packs. Trust Template Monster for creating a lovely online portfolio of your own and have a peace of mind that everything will turn out fine. Keep in mind that a reputed template maker will effortlessly translate your mission and vision into a story worth telling.

Template Monster shares a few tips on creating a fancy and functional portfolio to boost up your business growth.

Be a Good Storyteller

Storytelling is a good idea to invite attention from the potential customers. Create a separate section or page to tell your story through on digital platform. Use this section to narrate your journey in the industry (rugs-to-riches stories draw more attention). Talk about your ambition and achievement. Try to be precise while telling your story. Assess what your target audiences love to hear from you and then write accordingly. Do not forget to explain why others should lend an ear to your story and consider you trustworthy and visionary.

Show Off Best Work 

Till date, you have done several projects. Not all of them are same in standard. Pick up the best ones from your works till date. The audiences will judge your excellence through the prism of your portfolio. Even before throwing your glance at your works, they will have some expectations from you or your brand. Therefore, it is your responsibility to show off your best works and live up to their expectations.

What if you have just started? Don’t worry; you can also create a portfolio without prior work experience. Start with doing some projects free of cost. It will help you build your trustworthiness and reputation.

Remember that everyone is not born with a silver spoon in mouth or blessed with a background of family business. There are many zero-to-hero stories easily found on the internet. Encourage yourself with these inspirational real life stories and go ahead with what you have – a clear vision, strong determination and business acumen.

Include Client Testimonials

Potential clients often base their judgment on what your previous clients think about you. If your previous clients liked your work, ask for their testimonials and put those on your digital portfolio; it will cast a positive impression on them. Each testimonial should be short in length and explain how great your service was. These testimonials will speak volume for your business and help it grow as a brand.

Embed a Video

An image is equivalent to thousands of words and a video is equal to dozens or hundreds of images put together. Embedding a video in digital web portfolio is a gripping trend. Including a meaningful, relevant, informative and immersive video will bounce with great returns. It will reveal more amazing details about your business and goals.

With every brand in tough competition to draw attention from the internet users, the most important trick to succeed in your mission is to present yourself in a way that will set you apart from others.

Even the smallest details in your video will make big differences in establishing your brand value to the target customers.

Update Your Portfolio

Even though Template Monster does a great job, you should request them to update your portfolio regularly. It also provide wide range of portfolio website themes for websites. Regular update is important to include new works as soon as you complete those. Your portfolio is the digital spokesperson on behalf of your brand. Therefore, allow it do all the talking for your power and potentials.

Only update is not enough; redesign your portfolio every few years. No one likes to see the same portfolio year in and year out. Create a fresh portfolio and make sure that the new one is far better than the previous one.

Summing Up

A web portfolio is just like a logo – a unique identity of your business. It is integral to your digital marketing and promotional campaign. The portfolio should project your best work, goals, journey, products, services and also upcoming launches. Most importantly, it should explicitly mention why your brand is different from others, what more it offers and how it serves customers’ purpose.

Make it catchy and trendy with appealing textural and video contents; the rest will be history, Template Monster assures.

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