Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 And Its Important Details


The Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) permits global understudies to live and work in Australia on a temporary premise after the culmination of their qualified examinations in Australia. 


Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), typically known as TR, allows you to work and live in Australia incidentally after you have completed your examinations. Holding this visa, you can travel, work and study in Australia. 




Graduates are simply ready to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) once as an essential candidate. The visa must be applied inside a half year in the wake of completing your course. 




This visa has two streams: 




Graduate Work stream: relevant for worldwide understudies who have graduated with aptitudes and capabilities that identify with an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List delivered by the Department of Home Affairs. 


A visa allowed in this stream will be legitimate for year and a half. 


Understand more: www.racc.net.au/graduate-work-stream 




Post-Study Work stream: material for worldwide understudies who graduate with a qualified capability, and have applied for and were conceded their first Student Visa to Australia on or after 5 November 2011. 

A visa​ allowed in this stream will be substantial for two to four years, contingent upon the visa candidate's capability. 

For Hong-Kong candidates: Current and future understudies from Hong Kong will be qualified for a 5-year temporary graduate visa once they effectively complete qualified tertiary investigations. 

What this visa allows you to do 

The Temporary Graduate visa Subclass 485 is a Temporary Residence visa. Once without a doubt, it permits the holder (and any relatives remembered for the application) to: 

  • remain in Australia for the term of the visa (see above) 
  • work and study in Australia (without limitation) 
  • travel to and from Australia (without limitation) 
  • apply to carry qualified relatives to Australia as dependants on your visa. 

General qualification models 

To be qualified to apply for a Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485), you should meet both the basic qualification models in addition to the qualification measures of both of the Graduate or Post-Study Work stream. 

Basic models: 

To be qualified for a Temporary Graduate visa, you should: 

  • be under 50 years old 
  • hold a qualified (qualifying) visa 
  • have met the Australian investigation necessity inside the last six (6) months 
  • have met the important English language prerequisite at the time of lodgement 
  • hold satisfactory medical coverage cover in Australia (EasyMigrate can help with this upon demand) 
  • meet significant wellbeing and character requirements 
  • meet the particular requirements of either the Graduate or Post-Study Work stream. 

Graduate stream explicit models: 

To be qualified for the Graduate stream of this visa, notwithstanding the basic qualification rules (above), you should: 

  • choose an occupation on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) 
  • have met the Australian examination prerequisite based on course(s) firmly identified with your selected occupation 
  • have stopped an aptitudes evaluation for your named occupation with the important surveying authority at the time of visa lodgement (this should be affirmed before the visa can be allowed). 

Post-Study Work stream explicit measures: 

  • To be qualified for the Post-Study Work stream of this visa, notwithstanding the normal qualification measures (above), you should: 
  • have applied for your first (historically speaking) Australian Student visa on or after the fifth of November, 2011 
  • have met the Australian examination necessity based on a qualified capability (by and large a Bachelors Degree or higher).

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