Monday, October 2, 2023
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Being in the construction business at times requires working with temporary resources. You may get a construction project to build in a remote area and require needed resources. Now, you may find it simple to transport material and construction supplies, but what about your construction workers? Do you expect them to travel to the remote working place and drive backafter the work completed for the day?It is an irrational way to go about it. Requiring your workers to journey for miles every day may exhaust them and also cost them a fortune. It is an unreasonable expectation. But then how do you solve this dilemma?

The answer to your question lies in temporary solutions. Temporary facilities are an effective way to accommodate your construction site workers. Such facilities prevent the hassle of commuting day-in-and-day-out and also provide numerous other benefits. However, setting up temporary facilities also requires a level of care and safety. Since there are checks and balances on employees' facilities' standards, you need to ensure proper maintenance of such temporary setups.

In the read ahead, we have discussed some temporary solutions in detail to provide your workforce at a construction site. You can tweak these solutions according to the needs and requirements of your employees.


If your workers are to stay at a construction site, they will need some space to rest and sleep. They can also utilize this facility to rest during the day while taking breaks. You can look into temporary workforce housing facilities to setup some transient staying spaces for your workforce. You can customize these facilities depending on the requirements of your workers.

Furthermore, these spaces need to be weather-proof in case it rains or snows. Also, you may require consistent internet access for your workers. Nowadays,the internet is a must facility, and office work is nothing without online platforms. Therefore, you should provide internet access to your on-site workers.


According to the standards issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every working facility should provide sanitary conveniences on-site. These facilities should follow specific guidelines such as the minimum space they should have, separate toilet rooms for both genders, etc. Before arranging these facilities, however, you should have a thorough awareness of the standards set to avoid any problems later on. You can get these temporary washroom facilities attached to the housing setups. In case your workers do not intend to stay on-site, you can get these facilities installed individually.


Your staff may need much more than just a place to rest during work hours. Since they are involved with construction work, they may also require room to perform their office-related tasks. These may include reviewing the construction diagrams, planning, etc. In case your worker's job role involves such tasks, you may look into providing an on-site office for their need.


Construction workers may frequently require meeting up and discussing plans and work goals. Even though it is doable on-site, if you feel the meetings are extensive and need hours, you can provide your workforce with temporary meeting rooms.


Regardless your workers live on-site or not; they will need to eat. Therefore, you will have to provide an on-site canteen. Itis a place that provides lunch or other eatables and a comfortable place to sit and dine.


Commonly construction workers need to wear safety uniforms and guards to protect them in any mishap or fall. They will most probably wear them once they reach the site. So, they will need space to change and put up their stuff. Providing them with changing cabins and stores to keep their belongings is a must-site facility for the workers.


Now that we have looked into a few temporary solutions, you can provide your workforce, let's see why you should look into temporary solutions instead of devising permanent facilities.

I.Temporary facilities are easily customizable. You can alter them according to the specific needs of your workforce. You can chalk out a plan depending on the facilities you require.

II.Such facilities are easy to install and are often modular, which means you can rent them too. You will not have to invest in permanent setups or wait too long to build them.

III. Even though these facilities are temporary, they meet the safety and health standards better than a tented labor camp.

IV.Temporary facilities cost way less than providing your employees with permanent housing setups near construction sites.

V.Such setups are more durable and long-lasting. They can easily endure bad weather such as thunderstorms and heavy rainfall.


Our world today is exceptionally fast-paced, which means quick and rapid solutions to different problems. One great way of accommodating your workforce on a construction site is to provide them with temporary facilities. These can include temporary sanitation facilities, resting spaces, canteen setups, etc. Temporary facilities have numerous benefits and prove way better than finding permanent accommodations.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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