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Ten common poker mistakes to avoid

Playing poker perfectly is not easy, as there is always room for improvement. Following different hand rankings and strategies may be cumbersome, and each mistake can cost you a lot of money.

Here, you can read more abouthow to avoid the most common mistakes in poker:

Mistake #1 – Playing every hand

Poker is a game of patience and defined skill sets. You must know when to play and when to fold to cut down on your losses. It is always advisable to take a break when cards are not coming your way. Playing selected hands based on win/loss percentage increases your chances of winning.

Mistake #2 – Overplaying

You may land in a situation when you have low hand cards, like small flushes or low pairs. Overplaying these hands may lead you in bleeding your chips stack. Cards with medium strength should be played with what their worth is.

Mistake #3 – Playing above your bankroll

Always learn to manage your poker bankroll. Sticking to a bankroll management plan is the key to success in the long run. It separates an ordinary poker player from a professional one. Most expert players recommend that you maintain a bankroll of 20 times the bet you intend to play. Suppose you play a $100 buy-ins. Then you should set aside a stack of $2000 to ensure you don’t go broke for your future moves.

Mistake #4 – Chasing losses

This is amongst the most common mistakes made by new as well as experienced players. Most of the poker players move up stakes to cover their losses.  This is a big mistake and will lead you to lose your entire bankroll. While playing, always ask yourself, “Am I playing with my best poker hand?” If the answer is yes, then carry on, otherwise quit immediately.

Mistake #5 – Not learning new strategies

Be committed to constantly learning new techniques to sharpen your skills. Every new poker game is different from the previous ones, and you have to come up with new skills to beat your opponents. Practice playing more sessions to develop new strategies. Find out the best poker training sites to take your game to a new level.

Mistake #6 – Obsessively defending blinds

Many of the players are quite obsessive about defending their blind moves. Constantly defending your blinds with weak hands will result in losing more money. However, you should not worry about small blinds, as it could be a strategy of your opponent to outplay you. Your final call should depend on the bet raises for the blinds.

Mistake #7 – Folding and not watching other players’ hands

New players commit the mistake of not watching the hands of other players once they have folded theirs. You should pay attention and figure out the other players’ styles of play and make your future moves accordingly. The more you understand other players’ strategies, the better will be your chances to beat them in the next game.

Mistake #8 – Bluffing too much

When cards are not going your way, bluffing can be an excellent technique to win a pot. You can deceive with higher stakes, making your opponents believe that you have got the upper hand. But bluffing requires knowledge and lots of practice. It will help to avoid bluffing until you have played long gaming sessions. A general rule is not to bluff with three or more opponents during gameplay.

Mistake #9 – Lack of knowledge of math and odds

Knowledge of math and probability is a must to become an efficient poker player. Calculations of your cards help you win against your opponents. A player must understand the fundamentals of poker and have a  solid knowledge of the rules and hand rankings to draw more odds in their favour.

Mistake #10 – Playing when tired

There are a number of reasons why playing poker can hinder your performance if you are tired. One of the main reasons is that you won’t be able to focus on game play, which will affect your decisions. A tired brain will not recall memories affecting your game plan. You won’t be able to diagnose your mistakes, further resulting in sacrificing your winnings.


It is only human to make mistakes. Making errors while playing poker can be unavoidable at times. But the important thing is to recognize those mistakes and avoid repeating them. Repeated mistakes will prove to be costly in a poker game. Remember that every poker expert was once a beginner and only by learning from their mistakes have they reached the peak. Playing and learning poker is a long journey, and avoiding mental leaks will finally help you in becoming an expert player.

You can also visit the best online casinos for more practice sessions to improve your poker gaming skills.

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