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Tenant Screening In Rental Management

If you are planning for rental property management then you must have to know about tenant screening because selecting a bad tenant will spoil your business. A bad tenant will disturb his neighbors, will bring trouble to your apartment building, and so on. So that’s why you need to know more about tenant screening. Their background, proper identification, previous criminal record, verifications, etc. 

A process where the property manager or a landlord looks into someone’s background verification before giving him their apartment key for rent. It is an informal process so has to follow some potential rules, such as asking them some major questions and focusing on their answers. 

Though it’s tough, it’s important. If you want to be stress-free from this site, then you can hire experienced property managers. However, you can search online to get your reliable property managers like amazing Oklahoma City property managers who are experts in choosing the right tenant.

Here is some technique to know how to choose the right tenants.

  1. Credit Report  

As you are doing a business for profit so you need tenants who are active and clear by the financial record. So make sure the tenant which you choose is financially stable and no previous due left profile. Otherwise, you might need to hound for rent, and undoubtedly it’s a headache. 

  1. Criminal Record

Make sure your tenants are free from police cases otherwise as a landlord or property manager of their apartment you have to pay for it. Also, neighbors will be disturbed by them. No one wants a criminal tenant like thieves, robbers, black businessmen, snatchers, eve-teaser, intoxicated, or other negative workers. So clear the things before selecting tenants for your apartment.  

  1. Verifications

Many verifications are needed. Police verification, employment verification, identity verification, and all. Verified from the workplace or police, you will get to know more about your tenant. Without verification of your tenant, you will face many problems. Collecting all verification isn’t a cup of tea for a random landlord. A property manager has a huge connection range to collect all types of verification, easily.       

  1. Previous Landlord Review

Get the report from the previous landlord of your tenants so that you can judge them right or wrong for your property. If needed, talk to the previous landlord personally. Never let it be ignorant cause this is the key to screening tenants. The previous report will signify more about tenants like work history, relationship with roommate, relatives record, financial habit. Property managers have huge connectivity. They can touch up with the previous landlord of your tenant in one minute. 

  1. Interview

Taking an interview with your tenant is the best way to get them well. Property managers are very clever in this sector. They can read minds in a meeting with tenants. After verification, you can fix an appointment with your tenant and can talk face to face. Remember, as landlord discrimination is not allowed. You can ask some questions to your tenant which will clear their background or recent position. Ask your tenant if they intend to get a housemate or not. It will clear his/her family status. Ask, do they have any pets? If yes, then, is it house trained? If it is not then it’s not allowed. Cause other tenants will be harmful to this. And you have to ensure your tenants their safe and secure living. Another question you can ask is, do they smoke or drink? Because it also will disturb others. Ask about their job and schedule. And the most important question you can ask your tenants is, are they allowing their relatives or friends to your apartment as a roommate very often. Who is visiting and who is staying at your tenant is important to follow.


The final word is, if you are busy enough or not skilled enough to screen tenants, hire a property manager who will screen your tenants as well as other rental tasks. Hiring a property manager will save you time. And also will increase your profits because they are so skilled in this sector that they can earn many more than you. If you already decided to hire a property manager for your property then don’t get late more cause the property management company is just one call away. The property management company is always ready to serve their best to you.

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