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Test Your World Trivia Knowledge-20 World Trivia Questions

The world is constantly shrinking. It was then that we started to think globally. Let's start by brushing up on our world trivia knowledge. I have put together around 20 questions with answers for you about Disney cartoon quiz questions for kids and much more.


Find out how much your family and friends know about the trivia of the world. You can print the test and use a marker to mark the answers, or copy the questions and answers and paste them in any format. Then print them out and host a question and answer party.


World trivia


What mammals are Chinese fishermen training to increase their catches?

A: Otters. The Chinese train otters to chase fish under large nets, and then the fish are dropped and pulled.


Where in the world is the spa, a resort town named after the ubiquitous mineral springs?

A: In Belgium.


In 1512, why did Louis XII de Fran order the walls surrounding the city of Paris to remove all the rubbish that had been routinely thrown away over the years?

A: I was afraid that intruders would climb over piles of garbage and climb walls.


What daily exercise did Cardinal Richelieu, a seventeenth-century French politician, do to keep fit?

A: He jumped over the furniture.


What was Curaçao called in the Caribbean?

A: From the word cure, it was unexpectedly offered to the Portuguese sailors who landed on the disease for the treatment of scurvy. Everything was healthy when they were later picked and participated in the island's bountiful citrus harvest.


What was the name of the spacecraft orbited by Yuri Gagarin, the first Soviet astronaut on April 12, 1961?

A: Vostok 1.


Which country was represented for the first time in the space missions of the United States and Russia?

To France. Were there representatives for the Soviet space flight in June 1982 and the American flight in June 1985?


How much was the first-class ticket for the first and only flight around the world by airship, created by Graf Zeppelin in 1929?

A: The ticket for the 20,000 mile, 21 day trip was $ 9,000.


Where is the name of the South American country in honor of the Italian city?

A: Venezuela-This translates to "Little Venice".


How long did Edward VIII sit on the throne of England before abdication by his beloved wife?

A: 11 months from January 20 to December 10, 1936.


What are the citizens of Rio de Janeiro called, Braille?

A: Carioca.


From what country did the Florentine explorer Giovanni da Verazano sail to the New World?

To France.


Did the world famous family change their name from Wettin at the beginning of this century?

A: British royal family. Vettin, the family name of Queen Victoria's German husband, was changed to Windsor during World War I when Britain was fighting Germany.


What is the highest mountain in the country named after Tadeusz Kosciusko, the Polish general who fought in the American War of Independence?

To Australia.


What was Pago Pago, formerly known as the administrative capital of American Samoa?

A: Pago Pago is pronounced in Samoan and "g" is pronounced "ng".


What was the first act of 18-year-old Queen Victoria after the 1838 coronation?

A: She moved her bed from her mother's room to her first room.


Where can you find the last remaining herd of bison in Europe?

A: In Poland, in the Bialowieja Forest.


What natural phenomena did the ancient Egyptians use to usher in the New Year?

A: The annual flood of the Nile.


The Shangdu of China was the summer palace of the great ruler. By what name do we know it?

A: Kubla Khan's "Dome of Towering Joy" in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, Xanadu.


Where did the umbrella come from?

A: In Mesopotamia, it was used in the shade in 1400 BC. Therefore, the name comes from the Latin word umbra, which means shadow.


Who made it fashionable to put buttons under the vest of a men's three-piece suit?


A: At the turn of the century, the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) was too cool to press the button below.


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