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Text Messaging For Ecommerce — Cool SMS Templates

SMS Marketing Examples for Your E-Commerce Store


Do you work on the Internet, but there are not as many clients as you would like? It’s time to start using SMS marketing. This is one of the most efficient and fastest ways to attract customers. Messages will contain important information about your brand so that the target audience can get acquainted with news and the latest product data.

Before you start creating your sms texting marketing strategy, study several aspects that will help you increase user interest in your messages:


  1. Use personalization method. That way, your customers will know you care about them and will happily read your newsletter.

  2. Greet your clients and remember to use their first name.

  3. Choose products that are relevant to past orders of the clients. It will be interesting for them to view similar products corresponding to their requests. An alternative way is to offer them products that can be an addition to their orders.

  4. Use a call to action. Each advertising campaign has a specific goal. Therefore, if you want to increase traffic to your site, add a link to the site in the text. To increase sales, use a hyperlink to a specific product.

  5. Consider the number of characters. There is a certain limit for messages. You need to fit the most important data that will attract the interest of your client in 160 characters.


The bulk messaging should be done according to the established schedule. If you send notifications every day, customers will quickly lose interest in your company. This increases the risk of being added to the spam list.


Welcome message samples for your customers


To increase the interest of new customers, send them a welcome message. Users who have agreed to receive notifications are set to continue working with your company. They provide you with important information: their phone number, name, and other data for feedback.


You can start sending them messages after they agree to a subscription; use a discount or other bonuses for it. Thank customers for registering on the site or making their first purchase. You can include a small survey in the welcome message. Ask them if  they liked the service. Customers may want to receive additional offers or other benefits after their purchases. Try to provide everything you need to generate interest from your target audience.


Amazing abandoned cart messages


You can increase the conversion rate very easily — it is enough to correctly create an SMS marketing campaign. Use the basic principles of retargeting for SMS messages, and you will forget about the drop in sales. At the same time, use personalization in the messages.


If a customer wanders through the pages of your site and adds products to the cart, this doesn’t mean that the next step will be a purchase. Very often, users study the offers of different brands choosing the most favourable terms. If you want a customer to make a purchase on your site, send them notifications with a link to the cart and bonus offers that they can use immediately.


Don’t waste time, the longer the item is in the cart, the less likely the user will continue to checkout. Therefore, bulk SMS messaging should be started at the moment when the client has placed goods into the cart and has stopped using the site.


Discount text messages


The correct text message marketing strategy allows you to increase customer interest in your brand. To do this, include promotional codes or conditions of the current promotions in the text of your messages. The SMS open rate is much higher than that of newsletters sent via other communication channels.

To retain customers, it is enough to regularly provide them with unique offers, available exclusively by subscription. This can be a discount for each next purchase, or bonus points that can be exchanged for interesting goods. If clients don’t want to take part in the promotions, they can always unsubscribe.

Regular customers can get a better deal by participating in the company’s loyalty program. To invite as many clients as possible, choose bulk SMS services. Thanks to them, you will be able to quickly send notifications to your subscribers without wasting time typing each message manually.


Dividing clients into groups will help you find the best offer for each group. Users who make a purchase for a certain amount can expect additional discounts or free shipping. Such offers motivate the target audience to make more purchases.


Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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