Thanksgiving in New York 2022

Thanksgiving in New York

Thanksgiving day is one of the most beloved holidays in the US that originates from the early 17th century. Back in 1621, the pilgrims from the Plymouth Colony managed to gather the first harvest. This was preceded by a hard and "hungry winter". Therefore, Governor William Bradford declared Thanksgiving Day to God - for helping to survive the harsh weather conditions. Nowadays, Thanksgiving is a great chance for families to get together and for the catering companies NYC to serve delicious food to the guests.

Thanksgiving traditions

On this day, it is customary for the whole family and family friends to gather at the festive table. They often come from all over the country to spend this time together.

On the table, there must be stuffed turkey with cranberry jam and sweet pie with pumpkin filling. According to researchers, these are the things that were on the tables of colonists in the 17th century. Often several generations visit the house of the oldest relatives. During the festive dinner, the guests say words of gratitude for what happened in their lives.

In New York though, the celebration goes a bit beyond the close family circle. On the occasion of Thanksgiving, a large-scale Macy's parade is broadcast live, and watching it with the family is another good tradition.

Preparation for Thanksgiving

If you are hosting the celebration this year, do not freak out. Just a few simple steps will help you organize a memorable dinner and your guest will not leave the event hungry.

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  • Make a guest list

This is the first and the most crucial step since the number of guests will determine the amount of food, drinks, chairs, tableware, etc. that you need to prepare. Invite the closest family, friends, or other important people to make the celebration soulful and full of joy.

  • Plan the Menu

A stuffed turkey is an absolute must. However, this does not mean that you cannot experiment a little bit. Browse the recipes yourself or let the New York catering company prepare the dinner for you. Make sure you have different food options in case your guests are vegetarians, gluten intolerant, or allergic to certain ingredients.

  • Create a shopping list

Once you decide on the menu, create a shopping list so that you don’t miss anything just before the guests arrive. Make sure you include not only the food ingredients but also table decorations, drinks, or even a board game to play after dinner.

Follow these easy rules and your celebration will be truly memorable.