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Thaw the Frozen Pipes With the Below 7 Tips

Settling in a cold region like London can adversely affect the piping system of your home. Often, you can experience that the pipes have been frozen due to low temperature. If it is not fixed within time, then it can become a major one with the emergence of leakages and cracks.

Eventually it influences the bursting of the pipes as well. At that time, you have to opt the immediate service of emergency plumber in London. Thawing is the ideal solution to this problem if it is done in a proper way.

This write-up has accumulated top 7 tips that can assist you in protecting your property from destructible flood. Have a look at them.

  1. Locate the exact frozen pipe

Can you thaw a pipe without knowing the exact freezing location? Obviously, it is not possible! Thus, determination of the accurate location of your home piping system is prominent. You can do so by turning on the faucet of your property. If you find that trickle of water is coming out or there is no trace of escaping water, then it is the exact location you are looking for!

Once a pipe gets frozen, the probability of freezing of other pipes also heightens up. In comparison to enclosed pipes, freezing in exposed pipes are easier to locate. In fact thawing can be attempted on it without being hassled. You must opt for a plumbing service for thawing the concealed pipes.  

  • Unwraps the faucet

While you set out to thaw the frozen pipe of your home, you have to open its faucet. Before you start attempting don’t forget to open cold as well as hot handles.

It will incorporate in relieving the pressure of the system and water will begin to escape during thawing. If you find your pipe in a devastating condition you can call a 24 hour plumber in London to thaw it without causing any damage to the pipe.

  • From where the thawing process must be executed

Attempting thawing may seem easier in pen and paper but originally it is not so! You have to know the location from where thawing must be performed effectively. It is highly recommended to begin the procedure close to the faucet and proceed towards the blockage. Never start the procedure close to the blockage as it increases the pressure and as a result the pipe can get burst.

Thawing of the exposed pipes

You already know that several easy procedures are there to thaw the exposed pipes. Once you can address the right location, you can simply continue with the procedure to prevent your pipes from causing further damage. Give below 4 such effective procedures with which you can continue to thaw the pipe:

  • Electrical Heating Tape- Application of the Electrical Heating Tape directly to the pipes distributes the heat evenly across it. It will melt the ice accumulated within and retains the normal flow of water. As it is equipped with plug, it will definitely make your job easier than ever.
  • Hot Towels- Though it is not as much effective as the other options yet, it can be preferred. Wrapping the frozen pipes with towel dipped in extreme hot water can thaw the ice blockage progressively.  
  • Portable Space Heater or Heat Lamp- A Portable Space Heater or a Heat Lamp can be great companion in thawing the frozen pipe. All you have to do is to place the lamp in such a position so that the heat can reach the blockage area. Though this procedure is indirect yet it is known to be effective to melt the ice without exerting any pressure to the pipes. Before you continue with this procedure, comply with precautions and safety measures to avoid further accidents.
  • Hair Dryer- It is probably the easiest way to thaw a pipe entirely. Turn on the hair dryer and hold it at the beginning point of the pipe; especially the faucet. Make sure that this electronic device doesn’t get subjected to water otherwise it can cause accident. It will melt the ice blockage slowly preventing the pipes from leaks and cracks.

Thawing of the concealed pipes

Thawing of the enclosed pipes is quite difficult but not unreachable at all. With the given 3 options you can thaw the concealed pipes efficiently.

  • Cut out a portion of the wall- Sometimes to reach the exact location of the concealed pipe, you have to cut off the wall. It will provide you an easy access to the exact area which needs thawing. If you find uncomfortable to do so, then book the service of 24 hours plumber in London to do it for you.
  • Increase the room temperature- As the problem is regarding non-exposed pipe, you can easily thaw it by increasing the room temperature. You can do so by turning on the thermostat which is great for melting the ice blockage. 
  • Infrared Lamp- Another ideal device for melting the ice blockage of the enclosed pipe is Infrared Lamp. Simply place the lamp by placing it near the front wall within which the frozen pipe is enclosed. Its heat has the potential to penetrate through the wall and reaches the pipe for defrosting it. 
  • You must avoid

Don’t ever try to thaw the frozen pipes by using any source of open flame like a propane torch. All of a sudden it can break into uncontrollable fire which can damage the entire property.

  • When a pipe bursts

You must know that a frozen pipe gets burst during an extreme condition. At that time, you must cut off the main water supply of your home. It will protect your property from additional water flowing and flooding.

Thus, it is significant for you to know the location of the shut-off valve. Small secondary valves are installed close to the toilets and sinks but the prime one is basically located close to the Water Meter of your home.

  • Call the professional plumber

Are you unable to determine the exact location of the frozen areas of the pipe or cannot thaw the pipe? Whatever the matter, you must call the professional plumber to thaw it for you. They are highly experience and are master in dealing with any major issue in any extreme condition. They have always the right solution for your home piping system.

  • Possible risks associated with thawing
  • Pipe bursting- One must be well-versed with the application of the thawing procedure. Otherwise the pipe can get burst completely. It must be started from close to the faucets.  
  • Fire breakout- Obviously heating is the only way to thaw a frozen pipe,but it can be risky too. You have to stay attentive and follow the fundamental safety instructions during the procedure. It will protect from the sudden fire breakout that can damage the piping system including your property.   
  • Tips to prevent the frozen pipes

Quick tips to protect your home pipes to freeze in future are:

  • Shut off interior valves and remove exterior hoses
  • Provide additional layer of insulation
  • Seal up the holes and cracks
  • Turning on the heating device

As freezing of the pipes is the common issue especially in winter. Follow the above-mentioned tips to defrost it safely and of course, efficiently.

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