The 2022 Video Email Guideline For Prospecting


In today’s digital age, traditional ways of prospecting don’t bring desired results. Business houses are searching for innovative ideas to make their products more engaging and exciting. Hence, marketers are employing new ways of prospecting, one of which is video email.

According to a recent study, 80% of people agreed that they were convinced to buy software or apps because of a video. Moreover, 80% of marketers mention videos give them higher ROI, while 78% of marketers agree video marketing has improved their company's bottom line.

Now, let us understand what video prospecting is and how it is done.

What Is Video Prospecting?

 Video prospecting refers to video messages that aim to reach prospective customers, get their attention, and connect with them. In video prospecting, you send the videos through email, text message, or social media.

Why Should One Use Video Prospecting?

Today people are bombarded with lots of emails and text messages. Most of these messages and emails are never opened, which is a loss of time, money, and effort for the sender. Personalized video email helps cut through the clutter. You can create professional videos with best practices such as the proper virtual lighting, background, appearance, message, voice, and body language.

There are several client success stories where salespeople have won the trust of prospective customers by sharing content that offers tangible value. A video embedded email is an excellent way to prevent your mail from ending in the spam folder.

How to Create Videos for Prospecting?

Creating prospecting videos is not difficult. With so many tools available to create videos, it is as easy as picking a phone. However, you need to focus on certain factors to make them effective and efficient.

  • Choose Your Timing

Before you jump to create prospecting videos, you need to decide where they fit in the sales timeline. Will the video be the first attempt to outreach? Is it a follow-up nudge? Or is it a wake-the-dead effort? Once you know where your video belongs to, in the sales timeline, you can focus on creating the content.

  • Research Your Prospect

Like any marketing tactic, you need to put effort into knowing the prospect better before sending them a video embedded in the email. Here are some things you should find about prospects

  • Who are they?
  • What is their job description?
  • What kind of lifestyle do they lead?
  • What are their pain points, challenges, and responsibilities?

Once you have this information, you can decide the pitch for the video and show how the solution helps them.

  • Decide the Type of Video to Use

Sales experts mention four types of videos: personalized marketing, webcam, screen share, and playlist. Before you choose any type, you need to understand which video type is suited for your situation.

  • A webcam video is perfect for introducing yourself and in relationship building with the prospect.
  • A screen share video is good for a walkthrough or explaining something with a series of screens.
  • Marketing personalized videos are ideal for outreach to a large scale of audience. You can use automation to personalize the videos rather than make custom videos for each prospect, which is tedious and time-consuming.
  • The playlist is an ideal option to offer a series of curated videos for the prospect to see.
  • Write Your Script

The audio should be as compelling as the video, especially in the sales pipeline. You can use a phone script or talk in a general communication style with the customer in the video. When writing or selecting a phone script, you need to think about how the script will adapt to visual elements. You can follow a simple framework for creating videos with the following elements.

  • Greet your prospect and introduce yourself
  • Mention the relevance of your outreach
  • Explain the purpose of outreach
  • Encourage them to watch the videos and join the virtual meeting
  • Thank them for their interest 

Record Your Video

Learn the video production basics before making a video. Make yourself comfortable in front of the camera and practice a lot. The video need not be perfect, but you need to be the best with what is available.

To sum up, these are a few factors you need to focus on when using video prospecting for your business.