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The 3 Major Roles of Commercial Electrician at Office

Commercial electricians are mostly hired in public space like commercial buildings, business offices, retail stores, and restaurants. Their jobs include the basic or typical work of an electrician. Along with that, they also need to repair and maintain the wiring breaker panels, transformers, generators, lighting, heating and general building requirements. A commercial electrician has his own set of equipment that are specially required to conduct electrical jobs in new construction or to install lighting, receptacles, transformers, and some power distribution. They deal with a higher voltage to protect your office or stores from short circuit or fire. An industrial-sized generator as backup systems is a must for commercial wiring that needs to be ensured by the electrician.

Experienced, highly skilled technicians can excel in the individual domain of residential, commercial or industrial scene. It is not difficult to find an electrician as they are easily accessible. However, not all electricians are the good ones, and in order to ensure you get hold of the best, consider the following qualities before employing them at work. A good commercial electrician can also help your office out in the following ways.

3 Ways Commercial Electrician Helps in the office:

  1. Conducting a Safety Inspection: It is better to be safe than sorry, and this phrase aptly applies to the electrical system within your office. One never knows which wires have been damaged or have worn down due to constant use, and could lead to the next big disaster in your office. A commercial electricians in fremantle can conduct a safety audit of your office and inspect all the wiring, sockets and switches to ensure that they are all in perfect working order. Minor repairs and changes can also be done by him to increase the longevity of your electrical system and ensure it performs flawlessly, with no safety hazards. This safety audit if conducted periodically, will ensure that you provide a safe and secure environment to your staff and visitors and prevent a potential crisis.
  2. Create an Energy-Efficient Environment: Faulty wiring, wrongly placed lights and inadequate allocation of the electricity resources can often lead to higher electrical bills, which can affect your office budget in the long run. A well-qualified commercial electrician can help you install an energy-efficient electrical system, while still ensuring maximum light and productivity within your office.The electrician can offer suggestions for the best installation or lighting options for the new office, ensuring less downtime, and help you with the installation of energy-efficient appliances, which provide considerable energy savings. A well planned electrical system layout goes a long way in lowering your overall electricity bills and ensures that there are enough points provided for any appliance requirements that occur in the future.
  3. Conduct inspection of prospective properties you may consider buying: Many councils require due diligence of any new properties you are considering buying or taking on a lease, with a thorough assessment made of the existing electrical systems. This helps you identify any weaknesses in the existing electrical systems and consider the costs of rectifying them as a part of your overall property acquisition costs. This makes choosing a quality electrician so important. The assessment can also help you negotiate a better price with the seller or leaser.

Commercial Electrician


The role of a commercial electrician in an organisation is irreplaceable and of utmost importance. Not only can they help you keep your premises and employees safe, but they also play a vital role in the overall energy efficiency of your office. They ensure that all the appliances and systems are well-maintained and running as per expectation. 

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