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The 3 Most Beautiful Cities In Slovakia You Should Visit

Notwithstanding all of the natural and urban elegance it has to offer, Slovakia persists off the beaten path for many travelers. Here are my top picks for the 3 most impressive Slovak cities you should visit once in your life.

I am Florian Cervenka Author and writer at in this article I am going to reveal the top 5 towns you can visit in Slovakia. Being a writer, I really enjoy traveling and exploring new places and making a sweet memory of those beautiful moments in a blog.

The 3 Most Beautiful Cities In Slovakia You Should Visit

1) Bratislava:


Don’t be tricked by the film Eurotrip – Bratislava is not only capital of Slovakia, but it is also a cultural center for Slovakia. Visitors will be instantly fascinated by everything it has to show. As a historic place for different countries, among them Slovaks, Germans, Hungarians, Jews, and Czechs, the city’s past is a real tapestry of various attractions and events. They all form together and start to expose themselves in the meandering, narrow streets of the center. You can go to the beautiful white palace on the cliff, or choose to stay in the old center. Don’t forget to check out the beers pubs on the way.

2) Nitra:


Nirta being one of the oldest cities, it was first named with a variant of its present name in the ninth century, when it grew the capital of the Territory of Nitra. And also Nitra is also known as the first separate Slavic state. But later it felt under Hungarian administration and so finally became a division of the Austria-Hungary Empire. Therefore, it has the same sort of diverse ethical story of many of the towns in the area. Even in a staunchly Catholic nation like Slovakia, the Church is primarily robust in Nitra, so you can suppose to find many beautiful religious buildings.

3) Banská Štiavnica:

Banská Štiavnica

Banská Štiavnica is famous both for its architecture and its topography. The ‘valley’ that it’s in is a caldera or a fallen old volcano.

Near about only 10,000 people describe this city home, but they are lucky to be residing in an exceptionally well-preserved ancient city. As this was formerly an essential drilling town, one thing you should not miss to visit in this city is to visit the museum of open-air mining which is very famous here. If you are planning to come here in hot months, you should bring your
swimsuit to check out one of the various made up reservoirs that were constructed to give energy to the mining industry.

So, here it was a small list of my favorite places which I love to visit in Slovakia. For more information on traveling and famous places to visit you can also read my other blogs at

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