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The 5 Hottest Business Trends of 2022

What's hot in the world of business for 2022? After nearly two years of COVID lockdowns and work stoppages around the globe, many industrious adults are turning away from the corporate world and choosing to go it alone as sole proprietors. Never before has the one-person company been such a popular option for working adults.

For companies in the transport industry, fleet management software systems have become the gold standard for managers who want to achieve maximum efficiency. One development in larger corporations is the growth of the team culture. Several of the world's largest companies have pioneered this new way of working. Not everyone likes it, but owners are imposing it regardless of employee wishes.

For the past several years, the optional benefits package has been gaining momentum in companies of all sizes. Today, it's a commonplace offering and is earning high marks from workers at all levels in every industry. Finally, company-owned shuttle buses that pickup workers and convey them to and from the office are on the upswing in urban areas. Giant tech corporations were the first to offer this kind of service, and it's catching on elsewhere. Here's more about the most popular trends in business for this year.

Sole Proprietorships

Once the oddball of the business world, sole proprietorships are gaining momentum among entrepreneurs who work from their homes and have no need for employees. These one-person business entities often operate in the service provider industry. The two most common versions sell tax preparation advice and subject-specific tutoring services.

Fleet Software for Transport Firms

Fleet management software and programs are enjoying a golden age in the early 2020s. Not only do these cost-efficient systems help owners accurately monitor fuel usage and vehicle maintenance needs, but they also serve as excellent HOS tracking programs, so drivers don't have to worry about breaking hours-of-service guidelines. As a transport manager, you can use ELD (electronic logging device) compliance solutions to avoid such violations and the hefty fines that come with them.

Teams for Everything

If you've been away from the corporate world for more than a couple of years, you'd be shocked at how pervasive the team system has become. Nowadays, nearly every large organization operates on a group-work paradigm. Individual initiative is recognized and rewarded, but mostly within the team framework. Things like sales goals, production quotas, content creation deadlines, and other objectives are assigned and achieved by teams as a cohesive unit.

Additionally, businesses are working to strengthen teams interpersonally as well as professionally. Implementing group work activities for teams both large and small has become commonplace even in remote settings. Successful leaders know that for the team approach to be successful there has to be a certain level of rapport and comfort between the team members themselves.

Optional Benefit Packages

The salad bar benefits arrangement has finally arrived. Once a rarity among corporations of all sizes, it's now one of the most competitive ways to build an employee benefits package and is commonplace in nearly all industries. How does it work? Employees can purchase various benefits from a long list of offerings. Each one has its own price, but a few are free. For instance, a newly hired person might opt for a gym membership, a thrift savings plan, child care, and a scaled down health plan that includes dental and vision benefits but nothing else. Obviously, there are endless ways businesses can structure salad bar benefits menus, but the trend is in full swing, and employees like it.

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