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The 5 Most Common Types of Lawyers and When You’ll Need Them

When you’re facing either legal troubles, the only sensible thing to do is to call a lawyer. However, not every lawyer is made equal. They differ by their location (which can significantly impact law practice), skill level and their field of specialty. You see, the word lawyer is an umbrella term, just like the word athlete and there’s a great deal of difference between a boxer, a football player and a NASCAR driver. Now, while all of these specialists may have started their careers in law school, the level of specialized knowledge and in-field experience that they gain later on vary quite a bit . All in all, here are the five most common types of lawyers, as well as a brief rundown on when you might need each of them.

Personal injury lawyer

We’ve put personal injury lawyers at the very top of this list because it’s the type of lawyer that you’re most likely to need at some point. There are a lot of scenarios in which you’re due financial compensation, but don’t think that you will get one just because you’ve earned it. Keep in mind that in a lot of scenarios, your health is directly affected by your ability to get this compensation. Why? Well, due to the fact that, while recovering, you will lose some wages and earn yourself quite a few medical bills. This is why hiring a personal injury lawyer may be the best course of action to ameliorate the situation.

Family lawyer

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Family law is a touchy subject, seeing as how it doesn’t only focus on the legal resolution of the case. You see, there’s more than just the legal side to consider – family relationships, the future and even emotional development are at stake. Sure, the vast majority of cases are divorce proceedings, as well as custody over children. However, there are also prenuptial agreements and other settlements to take into consideration. Remember that a good family lawyer needs to be both counselor and legal aid, which is why choosing one gains another dimension. At the end of the day, if they do their job right, everyone should be equally satisfied (or at least equally dissatisfied).

Criminal lawyer

Generally speaking, there are two major legal categories – civil law and criminal law. When it comes to anything involved with the latter, you need a criminal lawyer. No, hiring a criminal lawyer doesn’t make you appear guilty. You’re simply there to get a professional assessment of your situation. Also, seeing as how criminal laws differ from one state to another, going for a criminal lawyer means that you might want to look for local talent. In other words, if the crime is committed in the NSW area, you should really look for experienced Sydney criminal lawyers, instead of extending your search any further. This little tip can ensure that you get adequate legal protection.

Tax lawyer

Tax liability is a far greater problem than you may have expected, seeing as how there are a lot of problems that come not from bad intentions but from ignorance. In order to avoid some of these issues, you need to look for a skilled accountant. But, when starting your own business, it might also be a good idea to look for advice from an actual tax lawyer. Keep in mind that even tax laws constantly evolve, which is one more reason why having an expert on your side to advise you on these issues is such a great idea.

Commercial lawyer

In a situation where you decide to start your own business, you will desperately need a skilled commercial lawyer. In fact, hiring a commercial lawyer gives you a wide array of benefits that you need to take into consideration. For instance, they can offer you a different perspective, help protect your interests in various matters and even warn you when you’re about to enter a legal grey area and infringe on the interests of others. While some people hire specialists in order to avoid a certain administrative responsibility, commercial lawyers can also help you develop a better understanding of the law. 


Of course, this is not the entire list, and there are many other situational instances where you might need a specialist. For instance, if you’re planning to move between countries, you may have to consult an immigration lawyer. All in all, hiring a specialist is always good advice, seeing as how it ensures that you have the best legal protection possible in every possible scenario.

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