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The 5 Most Popular Types of Heavy Equipment in Construction and Transport

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Equipment transport companies and construction firms utilize heavy construction and transport equipment in their large scale projects. The selection of various types of heavy hauls and heavy equipment depends on multiple factors, i.e., the size or site of the work and the project’s budget. Heavy equipment transportation companies and heavy construction contractors utilize these Top 5 heavy equipment, making the construction and transport jobs easy, cost-effective, and efficient.

Top 5 Transport and Construction Heavy Equipments

A heavy-duty project requires heavy hauls and material handling equipment. These heavy-duty types of equipment can be utilized in the construction phase and the project’s transportation phase.

The top 5 heavy equipment which is utilized in construction and transport are:

  1. Excavators
  2. Crawler Dozers
  3. Wheel loaders
  4. Articulated Haulers
  5. Compact Track Loader

1.     Excavators:


Excavators are standard heavy-duty equipment in the construction and transportation industry. These massive machines are made to move the soil and for deep digging. Excavators are available on wheels or tracks depending upon their usage and portability. Both prototypes have their own advantages. Tracked excavators come with treads that offer incredible stability on tough soils. These excavators work best on soft terrains, and they often have a low center of gravity, making them heavy machines of choice on bumpy construction sites. Excavators can be equipped with a hammer or crusher, which makes them suitable for demolition. On the other hand, wheeled excavators are more portable and time-efficient, but they can only be used on sites with hard and paved roadways. Wheeled excavators are not suitable for softer terrains. Excavators are used in construction and transportation because they come with plenty of options and attachments.

Some common uses of excavators are:


        Heavy lifting and transportation to site areas

        Material handling

        Rough grading 

2.     Crawler dozers:

Heavy hauls and heavy equipment transportation companies often utilize crawler dozers as powerful tracked machines. They are ideal for high tractive transportation and construction jobs. Crawler dozers work in conjunction with different shaped blades, which are often front-mounted, but some prototypes also offer rear mounter blades. These blades are utilized to move materials efficiently. There are different types of blades suitable for crawler dozers:

        U-blades are used to retain the material for heavy loading and transportation. They allow you to move and transport large volumes because of built-in shape.

        Semi U-blades are for construction and dozing purposes. They are ideal for utility doing, and they can efficiently change the ground conditions because of the flexible structure.

        Straight blades are used for pushing the materials. They offer less material retention because of the straight design.

Both crawler dozers and wheel loaders offer almost the same flywheel power, but the crawler dozers are superior in traction. That means they can supply 1.5 times extra usable power as compared to wheel loaders.

3.     Wheel loaders:


Equipment transport companies use wheel loaders to load, carry, and stockpile the heavy materials for both off-road and on-road sites. Apart from their loading and transportation capabilities, wheel loaders are also utilized for earth excavation using various attachments to their front or rear end. These attachments increase their versatility and efficiency. Attachments for wheel loaders are pallet forks, snow blades, brooms, etc. wheel loaders can be used to load the material over dumpers and trucks, and the rear trolley attachment can make them efficient on-road heavy transport equipment.

4.     Articulated haulers:

Here comes the most favourite heavy transport equipment for heavy haulers. Articulated haulers are often utilized to transport heavy materials to off-road sites and rough terrains. They are often known as one of the most stable and balanced heavy hauling transportation machines because they offer outstanding balance on steep inclines and slippery roads. These characteristics make articulated haulers one of the best off-road vehicles for equipment transportation companies. Moreover, articulated haulers offer high flotation because of wide tire footprints. They also provide more efficient tracking than heavy trucks because of their built-in, lightweight, and energy-efficient structure.

Articulated haulers are often called a “dumper,” but they can also be utilized for other construction and transportation purposes. The other common uses of articulated haulers are:

        Container truck

        Water transportation tanker

        Heavy-duty crane

        Timber transportation vehicle

        Concrete mixer platform

5.     Compact track loader:

These are incredibly versatile heavy-duty machines often used in heavy equipment transportation and heavy hauls. Compact track loaders are easy to operate, multipurpose loaders that can perform various tasks very efficiently. They are the best substitutes for the pickup truck even though they are heavy machine loaders. The most important aspect of using the compact track loader over finished or near to finish landscapes is the least danger of surface damage, which is a common drawback of other heavy-duty transport vehicles.

The compact track loader is designed to efficiently perform traction and flotation with built-in capabilities to handle rough slopes and wet surfaces. They are very efficient vehicles for snowy, muddy, or sensitive ground conditions because of their compact design.

Heavy hauls and equipment transport companies use compact track loaders more often because the working capacity of these heavy transport and construction vehicles is seven times compared to other heavy machines offering the same type of work. It is estimated that the compact track loader operated by just two people is more efficient than the machines used by a crew of five or more individuals who offer the same work.

Benefits of Using Heavy Equipments

Other commonly used heavy-duty construction and transportation machines are tipper trucks, concrete trucks, dumpers, tankers, rollers, and graders. The benefits of using the above mentioned top five most popular types of heavy equipment in construction and transportation utilized by equipment transport companies and heavy hauls are as follows:

Built-in compact design

Compact track loaders and articulated haulers have the best built-in design, which helps achieve transportation tasks in time-efficient and cost-effective ways. The compact design of track loaders allows transportation and site-management tasks in off-road construction and transportation localities. It is a very stable heavy-duty machine for snowy, muddy, and slippery ground conditions. The built-in compact design of articulated haulers helps in achieving multiple tasks from a single machine. That is why this heavy-duty transportation machine is most favourite among heavy hauls. All these benefits come from the manufacturers, and you don’t have to upgrade your machines for better performance. These two heavy machines are the most cost-effective units among our top five list.

Energy conservation

Conventional dumpers, tankers, and tipper trucks have the biggest drawback of extra fuel consumption because of less sufficient engine and unsuitable designs for off-road conditions like muddy areas and steep surfaces. Wheel loaders and crawler dozers provide various benefits in off-road conditions.

        They have a low center of gravity. That means they can keep the balance on steeps and tidy grounds.

        The fuel consumption is much lower than the other transportation and construction equipment because of better design and durable engines.

        The large tire footprints offered by articulated haulers make them superior to other heavy haulers.


It is estimated that the compact track loader, which is operated by just two individuals, can complete more work in a given time as compared to the machines and units which require more than five individuals to achieve the same task in a given time. Various blade designs of crawler dozers save a lot of time by clearing the on-site debris and transportation simultaneously.

Suitable for on-road and off-road sites

Tracked excavators are suitable for off-road sites such as snowy or muddy ground because of built-in tracked rails, which are better substitutes for wheels. However, wheeled excavators are more road-friendly and can be used more efficiently on hard and paved roads. Similarly, articulated haulers and wheel loaders are more road-friendly.

Low center of gravity

Articulated haulers and tracked excavators have a lower center of gravities than wheeled loaders, crawler dozers, and compact track loaders. The benefit of having a lower center of gravities is better equilibrium and improved balance on muddy and snowy roads. Moreover, the closer to ground built-in structures of articulated haulers and tracked excavators improve energy conservation while transporting the loads on steep ground and slippery slopes. Because of these reasons, heavy hauls and equipment transportation companies often use these two heavy-duty units for their off-road sites.

Various attachments for a variety of different works


Our top five picks allow various attachments, and their built-in multipurpose designs make heavy equipment transportation more manageable and cost-effective. You can choose between multiple blade designs for crawler dozers, and you can choose between wheeled or tracked excavators depending upon the worksite and nature of work.

A single machine can handle multiple tasks.

Every heavy unit in our top five picks offers more than one task. You can use a wheel loader to transport heavy loads or use the front or rear-mounted extensions to clear or move the ground. Similarly, you can use the articulated haulers as a water tanker or concrete mixing container.

These heavy hauls and equipment transport companies in Canada provide the best heavy-duty equipment for construction and transportation purposes.

You can contact us for heavy equipment transportation because we got the best options for heavy-duty construction and vehicles.

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