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The 5 Ultimate Smart Locks to Secure Your Home


Locks have been a staple item for many homes, and the foundation of home security for the longest time. But now that the advent of technology is being developed and applied to different objects every day, traditional locks have gradually faded into the background of security. Just like many other significant instruments, lock systems became subject for many incremental enhancements over the centuries. These changes have shaped the foundation of modern security systems today.

So, there arrived the smart locks in modern homes and other edifices. Primarily, smart locks are introduced to transform the way people viewed the previous locking systems, mainly because smart locks enable the person to accomplish much more than what a regular lock could do. No wonder many project home builders and architects opt for installation of digital security systems in modernised home improvement.

Some of these new lock technologies include biometric scanners, thumbprint recognition, PIN codes, and more. One major difference between these new smart locks and their historic analogs is the ability to unhitch them without the use of a physical key. This way helps reduce the risk of homeowners losing their keys and being unable to access the lock.

Since one size doesn’t fit all types of doors when it comes to smart locks, consult this guide for the 5 ultimate smart lock features to consider before purchasing. 

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Kwikset Kevo - The Easiest to Open 

The Kwikset’s very own Kevo smart lock offers nothing but convenience to homeoweners when it comes to unlocking the device. The smart lock can be opened simply by touching it which sounds like a blessing when your arms are laden with bags and other bundled stuff. The system also includes a key fob for family members’ smartphone. The only major difference between Kevo smart lock and a biometric scanner is its physical key option which allows certain family members to use a traditional key if they are uncomfortable with technology. 

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect - Your Existing Lock Partner

For double protection, August has introduced the best smart lock that can work much better with an existing door lock than any usual latch. Similar to Kevo, the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect also gives the option to either unlock/lock the door with a usual key or use a Siri, Alexa, Google voice command, or the August app. Homeowners can also set the device to detect the presence of their smartphones to lock or unlock the door automatically. 

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Lockly Secure Plus - The Most Secured Fingerprint and PIN Smart Lock

The Lockly Secure Plus is a smart lock that provides genuine protection from whoever tries to steal the PIN code. So, how does it work? Simple answer: the lock system offers four touch circles with three numbers in each that constantly jumble. In that case, simply watching the person input a code sequence or looking fingerprints on the screen won't help a potential thief. Plus, in response to PIN code being forgotten, homeoweners can use their fingerprint as a backup key. And for superior protection, included in the system are sensors that can alert homeowners if they have not completely closed the door. 

Danalock V3 - The Smart Lock for Seniors

Seniors may often experience trouble in adapting to new technological advancements. In response to this problem, lock manufacturers such as Kwikset provide an alternative smart lock for elderlies. Danalock V3 provides an Apple Siri voice command for homeowners, especially seniors, with motor skills limitations such as arthritis, rheumatism, and the like. Also, the device can automatically lock and unlock with just a slight manual twist on its thumb-turn bolt. 

Hampton Array Connected Door Lock - The Safest Smart Lock

The biggest drawback for smart lock devices is the fact that when the battery runs out, it has to be replaced or recharged to start functioning over. Needless to say but running out of battery can be a pain in the mugs, especially when homeowners are not attentive. But thanks to Hampton’s Array smart lock for it comes with exciting solar panel slides containing lithium polymer battery. With this feature, homeowners will not have to worry about replacing the battery. Same with the rest of smart locks, Array has numerical passcode and physical key entries for locking and unlocking options. 

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