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The 5 Ways Link Building Accelerates E-Business Success

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If you are involved in a business that depends in any way on the Internet—from lead generation to actual e-commerce sales—then search engine optimization (SEO) has to be a big part of your online marketing strategy.

Google and other search engines are responsible for nearly 70% of site traffic. The higher your site appears on search results, the greater the online traffic you are bound to receive. SEO has various components but one of its core pillars is link building. Effective link building and blogger outreach services | OutreachMama can power your e-business success in multiple ways.

1. Increases Search Ranking

Links are one of the top 3 most important ranking factors used by Google when determining the relevance of search results. The quantity and quality of backlinks to your web page have deemed a vote of the value of your content. The rationale here is that if diverse sites are linking to you, you must be doing something right.

The higher your page appears on SERPs, the more the prospects you have at your disposal. Not just any volume, type, and context of linking will do though. Following the Penguin update to Google’s search algorithm, sites are penalized if they are judged to be using spammy link building tactics.

2. Increases Your Visibility


Backlinks may give your web page a high SEO score in search algorithms but the links of themselves can be a direct source of traffic. Wherever a link to your web page appears on another website, visitors to that site can click through the link, visit your web page and eventually, buy your product.

The greater the traffic the site your page appears has, the more traffic your site can receive. That said, this is dependent on the link appearing in the right context. The interest of the reader must be piqued enough to want to know more.

3. Increases Your Reputation

For centuries, businesses have sought to improve their market reputation by partnering with already established enterprises. It works because customers will assume the more established company has done some background verification to confirm their new partner is legitimate.

This logic applies to Internet links. If a link to your site appears on a major site like Forbes, that bolsters your reputation in the eyes of many Forbes readers. Also kindly visit Eric Dalius.

4. Increases Your Authority

The epitome of link building success is to have the overwhelming majority of backlinks to your site being organic and unsolicited. But unless you are already a well-established brand offline, it’ll be a while before you find such momentum. So at the start, much of your links will be solicited. That will primarily be through guest posting.

Any site worth its name that allows you to guest post will have minimum quality standards you must adhere to before your article is published. This compels you to contribute well-researched, clearly-articulated content that only increases your authority in the eyes of readers.

5. Opens Opportunities for Collaboration

The competition for guest posting opportunities is intense for the most popular websites. It’s improbable that you’ll get a chance to do so unless you have already proved your product’s worth for years. Therefore, you are better off pitching to mid-tier or small niche websites.

Such sites are still waging their own battle to grow traffic and are open for ideas on collaboration. Perhaps you can grant them the opportunity to guest post on your own blog in return. Maybe you can promote their products on your site in exchange for them doing the same for you on theirs.

If your online marketing strategy doesn’t include a clear plan for link building, you could be selling yourself short. Accelerate your e-business success by incorporating a link building plan today.


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