The 6 Habits That The Wealthy Have That You Don't


What many wealth experts have found over the years is that millionaires act very differently from the average person. One thing that may surprise you is that what differentiates millionaires from everyone else doesn't have a lot to do with money. Most of the qualities that millionaires share are rituals that will eventually lead to improved relationships, health, wealth, and knowledge. That's why this article will reveal some of the qualities that make millionaires into the super earners that they eventually become.


To-Do List

According to the website "Money Under 30", a wealth expert conducted a survey asking participants whether they kept a to-do list. He found that over 80 percent of the millionaires kept a daily to-do list, compared to less than 20 percent of those who were poor.


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Not Watching Television

Another nugget of wisdom from the "Money Under 30" website: millionaires rarely watch television. When surveyed, only about 23 percent of millionaires watched more than an hour of television a day. 77 percent of non-millionaires watched more than an hour of television each day. This sliver of wisdom definitely makes you want to rethink those "Judge Judy" reruns you watch on the regular.


Reading Financial Newspapers

One more factoid from the "Money Under 30" website concerns financial newspapers. Some people may make fun of the salmon-colored pages of the "Financial Times". However, the readers may have the last laugh. According to the "Financial Times" own stats, the average subscriber income is about $250,000. One of the paper's stats even reveals that over 10 percent of their readers are millionaires.


It's always a good habit to learn more about global affairs and business. If the "Financial Times" aren't your thing, try out the "Wall Street Journal" or "The Economist". Even if you just read an article or two out of these newspapers every day, you'll end up gaining a lot of knowledge.


Reading for Self-Improvement

Esteemed business publication Entrepreneur magazine definitely lends credence to the saying that "leaders are readers." That's because according to the magazine, the average millionaire reads over two books a month.


While Oprah Winfrey is well known for her love of fiction, she and other millionaires and billionaires read more than the hot New York Times bestseller racing up the charts. The most successful people tend to read more for self-improvement, business knowledge, to learn more about the most illustrious personalities in entrepreneurship, and to better themselves.


Multiple Streams of Income

The vast majority of millionaires don't rely on just one source of income. By having more than one source of income, they can weather all sorts of economic downturns. Much of the time, millionaires have what is known as passive income. Passive income could come from the interest of loans, capital gains, dividends from investments, rental income, and royalties. Some wealthy people gain additional sources of incomes from side businesses that they start. Many of these side businesses don't involve a whole lot of active work. Examples of this type of side business include creating information products and starting a website.



Wouldn't it be great if the amount of time you worked out equaled the amount of money in your bank account? What if there was a correlation between your time in the gym and your time in the 1%? The Street website says that wealthy people make sure to get their workout in several times a week, if not every single day. Most millionaires work out 3.5 to 4 hours a week. According to one wealth expert, the amount of time wealthy people spend in the gym directly relates to their success in the business world.


Millionaires also pay a lot of attention to what they put in their bodies. Whether they follow a vegan, paleo, or the ketogenic diet, their food intake combined with boosters such as Boost Elite, ensures that they have the energy to tackle everything on their to-do list.