The 7 Best Body Weight Exercise Apps for Fitness Anywhere


Fitness is the key to leading a healthy life and it has become more like a lifestyle. Following a routine for regular exercise in home is very important to keep yourself fit, especially during these days of pandemic when stepping out of your homes is not safe. The introduction of technology in this fitness world has made this possible through fitness apps. There are different apps for fulfilling different fitness goals like stretching, weight management, nutrition, cardio, etc. If you are looking for the best bodyweight exercise apps for fitness, here are your top choices.


TopStretching is the leading choice of an online training app for many fitness enthusiasts from around the world. It offers you access to workout schedules, tips, and nutrition plans in addition to motivating you to a great extent. This personal training app comes with amazing features. It offers special training courses and helps you to track your progress.

You can begin with an easy level and proceed to advanced levels. You would also have access to a planner of your day-to-day workout schedule and nutrition with motivational and educational content every day. You can indulge yourself in a unique combination of functional training and stretching exercises, including Strength & Circuits, HIIT, abs workout and TRX exercises through this app. With all that TopStretching has to offer, you can see visible results after following the recommended fitness schedule for 15 days. Whether you want to get the perfect abs or loose weight, you can achieve it all with proper guidance. Make the most out of this app to make your body resilient, graceful, flexible and strong.

You Are Your Own Gym

You Are Your Own Gym is a paid app for Android and iOS that allows you to customize your workout and programs. You can select the time, level, and the kind of workouts according to your preference. The app is extremely user-friendly and offers an extra advantage for iPhone users. You can combine the Health Kit app with You Are Your Own Gym and avail the double advantage. Though this app is paid, the charges are very less as compared to the rigid gym fees.

Home Workout - No Equipment

Home Workout - No Equipment helps you in your daily workout regime. As the app name suggests, you don't need equipment for the workouts present in the app. There are many videos present in the app, targeting various body workouts like abs workout, calorie-burning, multiple exercises, etc. You can even share your information on the "me" page and sync it. This allows the convenience of working out. You can use video animations for guidance.


This is another good choice of app for bodybuilding. The app is free, but for maximum results, you need a subscription. The exercises in this app require different types of equipment, but you can change the settings. BodBot also has exercises for people suffering from various ailments. You can easily personalize your training according to your needs. The biggest advantage of this app is that it identifies your body type and focuses on parts that require focus and also notice your body's response to the exercises. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

Bodyweight Fitness

Bodyweight Fitness can bring about a positive change in your fitness goals. It is a completely free app without any advertisement. Workout videos are available offline in high quality. The app has wonderful graphics. It saves your progress automatically. You can also build your training routine and export the workout you do to a CSV file.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight is highly rated among bodyweight trainers. It has a dual facility. You can either customize your training or select from the previously uploaded workout videos. While customizing your workout, you need to give your BMI, age, weight, height, and fitness goals. The app will design a workout for you and if you are choosing from the pre-made videos, you can select from different levels and duration.


8fit is a free app that is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Appstore for free, but for a higher level of workout, you need a premium membership. In the free version, you can personalize your training experience, track your goals, and replace the exercises that don't suit you. Many paid apps also don't provide these many features. The explanation for bodyweight is really simple and the videos are of very good quality.

Regular exercise plays a crucial role in a healthy lifestyle and these bodyweight exercise apps can help you achieve your goals right from the comforts of your home. Go ahead and download any of these for a great workout experience.

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