The 7 Best Crime Mystery Books of All Time



With crime novels, it’s delightful to have protagonists I can revisit in book after book. It’s like having a fictitious family.

- John Banville

When you open a mystery novel, what are your expectations from it? Possibly that it will be an exciting story that will keep you wondering who the culprit is. However, the best mystery books are those that offer subtle clues along the way and bring out the inner detective in you. Maybe, the best feeling when reading a crime novel is being faced with an adequately complex puzzle and yet still being able to jump up and shout “I knew it!” when the final reveal comes around.

A good homicide case will consistently rank high on a list of mystery novels, where an unexpected character would be killing everyone in his way of revenge or justice, but other stories also have their qualities. From crime books to spying crusades, here are the seven best crime and mystery books that you cannot miss out on if you’re looking for twisted stories to keep you on the edge of your sofa.


1.      The Nighthawk Quadrilogy by C. Edgar North

C. Edgar North’s epic Nighthawk quadrilogy is a set of remarkable crime mystery books. With mounting suspense and unpredictable twists, this has to be number one on the list. The series includes the following four books:



Nighthawk Crossing: The first book in the series introduces us to an intricate web of drugs and weapons smuggling carried out by a group of Native American Indians led by a chieftain, Joseph Branson, with a Navy SEAL background. The story takes a spin when two FBI agents are shot dead by the smugglers. The hunt for the killers uncovers drug and gun distribution networks in America and a sinister plan to supply a secret weapon to Al-Qaida and the Taliban.




Nighthawk: African Ice: The second book in the series shows Joseph Branson escaping with his wife Hazel to the Maldives and reuniting with his partner in crime, who happens to be a notorious arms merchant. The CIA watches as they trade weapons for raw diamonds obtained from the conflict zones of Africa.