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The Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring an accountant

One of the most popular beliefs among business owners is that not all businesses need an accountant, it's normal for a business owner, especially small scale business owners, you can be tempted into thinking why you need to employ someone to do your business accountancy when you can easily do it by yourself.

If you are wondering why you need one before, don't hesitate to check out these advantages you might have never thought about by hiring an accountant.

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Advantages of An Accountant

An accountant can help you with your business plan

Writing out your business plan from the scratch with an accountant is one of the best ways to get your business off the ground quickly. An accountant will provide you with the essential financial projections to help your business move in the direction you are dreaming of, Accountant will bring something that can make your plan look accurate and professional to the table.

Reliable Payroll

There is a popular saying that goes this way" A reliable payroll brings a happy employee"

With the help of an accountant, your workers wages will no longer be a problem.Your payroll will be managed by your accountant, and he or she will make sure that each employee is paid what they are owed.

Time savings

While thinking about doing it all by yourself, it won't be a bad idea if you take a few seconds to reminisce about the hours you spent while sitting down with your log book. Think about how time consuming all this could be if you continue to do it all by yourself. Employing an accountant to handle all this will only free up time for you in order to get on with your business.

Peace of mind

As a business owner, the joy and comfort of having your financial data, cash flow,taxes being monitored by a professional accountant, knowing fully well that every details are in safe hand is a source of peace on its own.

Limitations of an Accountant.

Could be expensive

Hiring accountant is not free, it always involves money. Paying an Accountant is one of the problems why many business owners prefer to be their own accountant. An existing budget can be tampered with if hiring an accountant is not planned from the onset of the business plan, and this has a way of affecting the total capital. Also, as time goes on, your accountant may request for a raise.

An Accountant is  fallible to errors

They are humans like us, which means no matter how perfect the accountant you hired, they are bound and likely to make mistakes. The problem is just the effect of the error they made. Your Taxes can be higher than the usual just for a simple mistake  your accountant made while putting down your expenses.

You can lose it all

Hiring an accountant should not stop you from checking things regularly, without proper monitoring, you can easily lose it all to your incompetent accountant

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Syandita Malakar
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