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The Advantages Of Building An Ethical Investment Plan With A Local Advisor

The sharpest and most popular criticism of capitalism is that it encourages profitability over all else, as being unethical. Ethics is part of our everyday life in many ways, is it ethical to gamble or give alms to a small child? The modern economy allows us to invest our savings and generate more wealth from it. However increasingly more people are concerned about how and where their money is being used. Based on personal preferences they desire to contribute their wealth and savings for certain causes and avoid others, deeming those ‘ethical’. 

The complexity and volatility associated with the financial industry necessitate professional help. Financial advisers and financial planners can guide and advise you in your investment strategies. The imagery of mega consulting firms and international advisers is flaunted on billboards, while local advisers are ignored. It is unfortunate that local talent is discounted, and international conglomerates are promoted. Just as your local policeman/woman, baker, or hair salon, the local financial adviser also gives a personable and authentic experience. Let’s look into the advantages of building your ethical investment plan with local ethical investment advisers

What are ethical investment plans? 

To simply put it, ethical investment planning is to strategise your investment under the strict guidance of your personal code of ethics. This could stem from religious beliefs, cultural reservations, ideological leanings, issue-oriented activism or all of it combined. Ethical investments manifest in many ways. The most straightforward ethical investing plans have a negative screening process, wherein ‘sin stocks’ are identified and removed. Sin stocks broadly are companies in the tobacco, weapons, alcohol, or gambling sector.

In addition, activities such as deforestation, genetic engineering, human rights violations, etc are also considered. Other popular investing strategies are, Sustainable Investing, Impact Investing, Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Faith-based investment, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing.  

Ease of access, literally a phone call away! 

The phrase ‘a phone call away’ is thrown around by all companies. As an Adelaidean, if you are looking for services that provide in-person face time, financial advisers in Adelaide are your best bet. Adelaide like every city has its local culture and ethos of doing business which is difficult for international advisers to relate to.

Accessibility is two folds, the first is physical, and the second is dependability. I am sure you have been frustrated explaining to automated bots on the internet of your distress or frantically followed the automated phone recording. This inconvenience is done away with when you call your local financial adviser on their personal number and you can meet him/her within a day or even an hour. You cannot trust anyone with managing your money, fidelity is best nurtured with people you know and meet regularly. It is also interesting to point out how it is hypocritical of us investors to discuss ethical investing promoting environmentalism. While having our adviser fly in on a plane and not invest in local business, in turn negating our own investment strategy.  

  • Direct access to your primary portfolio manager 
  • Periodic face to face discussion and updates 
  • Quick reach to the highest members in the chain of command 

Walking the tightrope with you 

Ethics in itself is a complicated subject but identifying ethical investments has its own obstacles. Most companies are owned by larger companies that have interests in multiple sectors. Most sectors are interdependent and interlinked. Often ethical investments won’t just mean identifying a list of companies or have a simple checklist to qualify companies. Modern ethical investment requires some compensation in ‘ethical’ stamping.

However, this should not be misconstrued as hypocrisy. An investor may be happy to invest in one of two similar companies because of a few minor differences which may appeal to them. These nuances and personalised details can only be catered to by advisers who truly understand the client and their aspirations. Local financial advisers in Adelaide are familiar with the local fabric of our society and can individually and amply grasp your needs and aspirations. 

  • Qualified, personalised, and nuanced portfolio development 
  • Localised, indigenous, and adapted investment strategy 

In for the long haul

Investments are best and safest when they are far-sighted and strategise for the future. ‘Shorting’ stocks isn't the most ethical way to make money, most would agree. Australian Ethical Advocacy Fund, Australian Ethical Diversified Shares Fund, and Australian Ethical Emerging Companies Fund are among the most popular ethical investments from Australia.

When you look at local investments for the long term it is advantageous to have certified local advisers. Local ethical investment advisers have the depths as well as the breadth of financial as well as the economic understanding of the market. Companies you may feel are a good and moral investment in the present may take a financial downturn due to new legislative changes. Local financial planners in Adelaide bring the local knowledge with them and their certification qualifies them at power with international advisers. When working with local financial planners you will have the satisfaction that you aren’t just using your money sustainably but also encouraging local businesses. In addition, local financial planners have more reasonable charges than legacy consultancies. 

  • Cost-effective
  • Reflect local ethos and culture 
  • Mindful of local political economy


Ethical planning came to the scene in the last ’90s and has taken the investment world like a steady and persistent storm. It remains a preferred choice for a diverse group of people. Younger adults too are looking to make a difference with the investment strategies. And why not? Our investment should represent us. Who better to advise us than a local financial planner? South Australia is witnessing a rise in local financial planning firms. It is great for our community to have local financial planners who share our vision for our cities and region.

South Australia and its metropolitan cities have enjoyed steady economic growth for decades now. In turn, its residents have been seeking investment opportunities, increasingly in ethical investments. We assume better services are provided by major international conglomerates even if it burns holes in our pockets. I argue certifications and experience qualify proficiency and round the clock availability assurer’s quality service to you! Pick up your phone and call up your local advisor and find out if I am wrong?   

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