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The Advantages of SMS Marketing

Advertising tools enable us to reach our customers through all kinds of ways of global information and with all kinds of messages. Commercial advertising, newsletters, content marketing are used for all kinds of purposes. To choose a more favorable tool, you need to aristocracy your own audience - its needs, aspirations, and interests. Testelium believes that SMS is a strong communication tool with your customers, and the outstanding qualities of SMS marketing have a chance to anchor your strategy. We recommend sending a test text to get more results.


And here are some outstanding qualities of text messaging in communication that will assure you to add SMS to your advertising efforts.


The power of mobile devices works for you


These days, it is not easy to find a person who does not have a phone, and just as a consequence, text messages are quite relevant, to take them into account in their own strategy. Use it and reach your own customers with the support of a tool they use every day. Global words will undoubtedly help you in case you crave a wide reach to all age groups. And your interaction happens quickly: you don't have to wait for the method to point out your message to the audience, as it happens with commercial advertising. Consumers, as a rule, disclose text messages immediately after receiving them, in consequence of this it is possible for you to be great in case you have a deadline for the delivery of advertising.


The key to reaching your audience


In case you've ever labored with email marketing, you understand properly that the uncovered rate contains a crucial meaning to measure your performance. You're in a constant struggle to create a prominent headline and convince your buyers to recite your newsletter. But the good news about messages is that their open rate is 98 percent, according to the Dynmark report. And this is 1 of the not bad things about text messages: it takes less time for you to generate your message, and it will certainly get into the task. These excellent results have all the chances to be caused by the fact that users trust messages more than electric mail newsletters, which are firmly associated with garbage and trash.


Effective work with a small budget

SMS marketing is a great choice for a small amount of money. Delivery of notifications does not necessarily ask for a lot of money, especially if you send them in bulk. With the help of special platforms, you can brand your own messages and adjust your own packages. As a rule, you are in complete control of your own campaign, getting great results on a limited budget. By the way, Testelium invites you to analyze the sender's personal number to find out its validity.

5. You can increase customer engagement

Think of SMS as a way to enhance how your brand engages with your customers across the entire customer lifecycle. Businesses should remember to vary the type of content they send out - while customers may value updates and news on forthcoming developments within the brand, this information is best delivered via email where longer, more creative messaging is more appropriate.

Although marketers may feel that texting is invasive, many consumers are now familiar with text from when using local services like dentists, garages or hairdressers or public services like the NHS. This is a great example of how the NHS is engaging its audience in an admittedly high-engagement occasion!


Buyers have a choice


Have you ever had to deal with hateful advertising? People tend to dislike seeing the same thing over and over again, not being able to deny it. Text messaging is a kind and courteous method of advertising to your audience: SMS gives customers a way out if they don't want to receive your messages. And don't forget about shortcodes: you can give shoppers options to interact with you. Exactly what do you get out of it? First, by providing choices, you show reverence for your own audience, and that increases loyalty every time. For two, you encourage engagement and improve your own stats. And Testelium highlights a choice for you with SMS verification API support: you can run important analysis on your own platform and automate it.



As in any other tool, text notifications have outstanding qualities, as well as defects. But SMS is an unpretentious and favorable method to make better personal marketing, get a remarkable result, and enter into contact with their own audience. Use the advantages of text messages in your own interests, and Testelium is ready to give you an effective -testing: run a global SMS-tests or analysis of the personal number of the sender, and use SMS-testing API to use powerful medium to connect with your customers, and strengthen your marketing strategy!

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Daniel Zayas
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