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The Advantages of Vehicle Storage in Storage Facilities

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Storage units today are an excellent way to clear out the clutter, assist when moving, or just a great way to store valuable items, but what about larger storage needs? Vehicle storage is becoming more common these days for a variety of reasons. If you have been thinking about vehicle storage or have need of this service, here are just some of the advantages you can enjoy.

Expand Your Collection

Vehicle collecting is a time honored tradition. Those that love cars and the evolution they have gone through their history will often acquire cars just for the fun of having something rare. However, expanding a car collection requires space and quality storage. Not everyone has a garage equipped to store all of their vehicle desires. Vehicle storage facilities frees up space and allows you to expand your collection with ease. Best of all, with valuable vehicles, you can opt for storage facility insurance to ensure that should damage occur, you can replace or repair the vehicle.

Peace of Mind

Storing vehicles outside of your home can bring about certain concerns. Storms can cause trees to fall doing untold damage to vehicles that are uncovered. Even vehicles stored in a garage or storage shed can be at risk depending on how well built the storage area is. Concerned vehicle owners, however, can get the peace of mind they need with quality vehicle storage in storage facilities.

These facilities are often better built than the average garage, pole barn, or storage shed many people store their vehicles in. Additionally, these storage facilities maintain surveillance and security, so no need to worry about thieves taking off with your beautiful classic car. Peace of mind cannot always be bought, but it can be rented with vehicle storage in storage facilities.

Small Lot

Depending on where you live, you might have an expansive outdoor space perfect for parking cars, but not everyone is so lucky. Larger cities limit outdoor space and make it impossible to park more than one or two cars on a lot. Additionally, you do not want all of your outdoor space taken up with vehicles taking away from the kids play area or your outdoor entertaining space. Storing your extra vehicles in a storage facility can free up your small lot and make it feel larger no matter where you live.

Hide a Present Perhaps?

When your little bundle of joy begins to grow, their toys tend to get bigger. By the time that child is 16, you may want to bless them with a set of wheels of their own. Unfortunately, the purchase of such a vehicle is the easy part. Storing it where your 16-year-old will not know is more difficult. A lot of suspicion can occur when you lock up your garage and dare anyone to go in, so that is not a viable option for this surprise.

A better solution is to invest in vehicle storage from a quality storage facility. You will enjoy the ability to hide the gift without the fear of a snooping teen ruining the surprise. You will also love the fact that the storage facility is secure and allows for the vehicle to remain safe until it is needed. Vehicle storage can also be an option for the parent who purchase a car well in advance of their teen turning 16. Having time to shop around means you can find a great deal and storing in a storage facility gives you additional peace of mind. Vehicle storage works for gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, and anytime you want to hide such an expensive and large present.

HOA or Apartment Requirements

Moving into an HOA based subdivision or apartment can have some advantages, but almost all apartment and HOA contracts have some clause about additional vehicles and where they can be parked. HOAs often restrict home’s vehicles to just 2 making it difficult to maintain a collection or expand your vehicle ownership beyond just those 2 cars, trucks, or SUVs. It can be difficult to go up against an HOA as they are powerful entities in communities, but you may not have to.

Storing your vehicle in a storage facility allows you to maintain your vehicle needs without interacting with your local HOA or skirting their requirements. They may have the power over how many vehicles you can store in your yard, but they do not have power over how many vehicles you can store in your leased storage space.

Storage is essential and when your vehicle storage needs grow, you will need a little help. Storing a vehicle is a safe, affordable, and effective option for homeowners of all types. Take the time to examine your vehicle storage needs and invest in high quality vehicle storage today.

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