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The Art of Living Alone

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There is a point in life when a lot of us tend to move out of our parents' houses and be on our own. We may make this decision for our job's sake, but more often than not we feel the need of being self dependent. Owning an apartment and living by your rules sure sounds empowering but it can be as startling as anything. With a new life come a lot of responsibilities. For some they work wonderfully but for most people, they take a toll on them.

Learn to Live

Living alone has its own perks. It can be a dealbreaker if not done rightly. You want to be independent and live all by yourself, but you constantly fail because something or the other goes wrong every time. So, here are some ideas for you that can make your self-dependent life more real and fun —

When you live alone, keep in mind that neither your parents, nor your siblings are there to protect you in times of need. Therefore, invest in good locks and give yourself a sense of security.

Deck your house up

Choose furniture according to your taste because why not? You are the new boss, so own it!

     Get crafty and paint your living room with the colors of your life. You can also put on some fun wallpapers.

     Give some good thoughts about your new bedroom. Try not to make it look too occupied. Keep your walls light and get dark curtains. This contrast looks really cool. Also, add a rug to the floor.

     Have a statement bed. Invest in a good quality sturdy single bed (as you live alone) that can give you all the support while you sleep.

     Choose your mattress wisely. A wrong mattress could harm your sleep, leading to several health risks. As you love alone, you cannot afford to get sick.Therefore, research about the types and check the single bed mattress price beforehand.

Outside food is a no-no

As there will be no one to cook you meals everyday, learn to cook for yourself. Start with basic dishes and gradually upgrade. You will not only feel independent, but will also learn some delicious recipes. Also, it is not a good habit to eat outside on a regular basis.

The budget talk

Stay on a budget. Once we start managing our own expenses, we tend to spend on whatever we want to. This habit leads towards a 'broke' month-end situation. So, make grocery lists and stick to them, buy products using coupons and spend on products you really need.

Become self reliant as much as possible. For example, learn to fix a leaky sink, clean your place every other day, do your dishes, clean your wardrobe, get done with your laundry and keep the items folded. There are plenty of household chores that you can run.

Although solitude can be a good friend

No one likes to come home to an empty house with nobody to talk to. Fix this problem your way. Get a pet, take good care of them and shower all your love.

Invite friends and family over to your place sometimes. For example, if you have just finished working on your fancy apartment, throw a housewarming party with close friends and family where you can as well flaunt your taste of aesthetics.

Be a social bee if not a butterfly

Living alone does not necessarily mean that you are living outside the society. Mix with your neighbors, join the apartment gym, make new friends. Life is always better when it is shared with the people we love.

If you are passionate about art, then it's time you turned one of your rooms into your dream studio. Get all the equipment that you need and let your passion flow.

Build a DIY kitchen garden. They not only look amazing, but are also super helpful.

Some serious advice

Arrange your medications properly. This is absolutely necessary for those who live alone. For example, if you cut your finger while cooking, make sure there are band aids available in the kitchen.

Living alone can be stressful but it teaches us to grow, to stand up on our feet. Sometimes we feel like sinking under the pressure that life throws at us. But, it is absolutely necessary to get up and keep fighting. So, live alone, own it and have fun!

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