The Art Of Logo Design: Top Tips For Small Businesses


Google, Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What is the first visual thing you can relate to these tech giants?

For me, the very first thing that pops into my mind is their logo. The visual face of any organization or brand.

You’ll probably think, Ok cool, I am going to have one of my own.

That’s good but what u need to understand is the trend, not to follow it blindly, but to make your distinguished run in the industry.

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Hundreds of logos are created each second. Used or not is another matter. A logo should represent the background of a company. And sheath its essence.

Moving forward to your first logo, you have two options;

Either go to a designer, pay a hefty fee and get a superb logo for your company or choose from various free logo generators on the web and let them design for you.

Now you should keep in mind that a designer would utilize his mindset and skill set to design anything according to your demand, whereas the logo designing websites use an algorithm to produce a design based on your input and selected domain.

Although both options are customizable the designer always has the upper hand if they are professional enough. But even you hire a professional designer or use free logo generator online for creating logos on your own , you are the source which will be providing everything from your company name, to the background, the idea. Additionally, you won’t be expecting your logo to change as it disengages your customers, you have to come with prominent ideas that would not need to be changed with the shift of trend in the industry.

You should consider these basics while you are visualizing your logo.


Know that your logo is your face, now how would you like it to be? As your face defines your personality, your logo defines your brand. People seem to look at your logo and form an immediate perception about your products.

Weird? That’s Marketing Strategy.

That’s what you do when you swipe on Tinder. Ha!

Your logo should provide if not clear, a vivid image of your genre and your brand domains. It should be so appealing and influencing that a child may recognize you.

Decide what image you wish the logo to convey. Your logo ought to imprint that image within the minds of your customers.


Think about your customers' perception of color and match the colors in your logo with the image you hope to convey. For instance, if you wish to determine the chirpy image of a corporation that caters to kids, you probably need to avoid dark, somber colors.

The research concludes that Children up to 3 years were able to identify various brands and interact quickly. You know you are unique when you can interact and get recognized by people instantly with your logo.


Examine the logos your competitors are using. This way, you'll be able to ensure the one you select is not similar. You will need your logo to be squared away as uniquely within the minds of your customers.

Now being unique doesn’t mean that you have to be complicated (making a way much themes to the logo). Being too complicated can not only bring your brand a negative vibe but also degrade your company’s moral and social presence.


Have the logo blown up and shrunken right down to a really small size. This might assist you to judge whether or not the logo you select, is going to be appealing on various marketing materials.

First, of you, it is you to fall in love with your brand. Only then you can create a unique logo. Be creative, even your shape and color palates speak for you. Ever noticed how you get relaxed when entering a green colored room or get a bit hyped when you enter a yellow one.

Colors impact how people feel about your company they should feel that vibe to trust you. Visualize it as the only source of how people perceive you. Make it definitive and simple!


Create multiple logos or ask your designer to do, therefore. This way, you'll be able to compare them and select the one you think that best represents your business.

The market is changing extremely and engaging with a versatile approach to suit industrial needs. You need your logo to be a trend of the present and the future.

Companies disrupt and create hindrance when they frequently change your logo as it breaks your customer reliance over you.

You don’t have to spend heaps of money on your logo. Think smart!


Dread is what comes with feedback if you have ever been given a performance review you might know the feeling. Reviews ought to improve the overall performance of your company. Seek professional revise but also ask family and friends what they suppose.

You will love a logo however, you’ll later discover that it evokes negative pictures in others' minds. Obtaining a number of extra opinions could also be very useful.


Compare samples of your required logo in color and in black and white. Ensure you're one 100 % proud of your choice with each color scheme, shape, and the overall design. Take your time and invest it in reviewing and innovating your logo.

But make sure that you have the most definitive and unique logo design for you before. It hits the market.

It won’t be changing so it should be the best possible creation by you.