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The basic of cloud communications

Cloud communication is the talk of the town these days, and many businesses have already substituted their old-schooled PSTN-based business phones with high-end and cost-effective cloud phone systems. This transition was much needed when businesses of all sorts want to reduce corral operation efforts, investments, and limited workability.

 In this article, we would be giving you a brief tour of cloud communications and its related factors so that you can comply and comprehend with its plentiful benefits and start using it now.

What is cloud communication?

A product of technological advancement, cloud communication is an internet-based data communication platform where communication applications, switching devices, data storage, and data transmission happens on the cloud by a third-party.

What all can cloud communication do?

The viability of cloud communication is interminable and works on a broader level. The best of cloud communication operations can be summed up as:

  • It can offer you mobile-friendly communication with tons of selection points, features, and interoperability facilities. You can send emails, revert the business voicemails, make a business conference call, and even record a call by using your mobile phone device.
  • It brings unified communication at your service. Business communication has outgrown from regular calling. Now, customers are highly proactive, and they don’t mind dropping a voicemail and let business contact them. If they require immediate assistance, then they prefer a live chat over waiting for a call to get answered.

Cloud communication makes unified communication everyone’s cup of tea without much of hassles. It devises a centralized communication place from where you can send SMS, emails, voicemails, and do a live chat with the customers - no need to scuff your feet from one place to another. Everything is available under one roof.

  • It will bring everything at your disposal. In cloud communication, all your business data is stored over cloud space. The data stored on the cloud can be accessed and updated from anywhere by a simple login. So, the data will never be out-of-reach; thus, enabling your team to take immediate yet data-driven business decisions.

How cloud communication empowers your business communication?

One of the reasons behind such a strong affinity of the business world towards cloud communication is the ease that it brings to day-to-day operations. Once you shift to cloud virtual PBX, you can set yourself free from menial tasks like record keeping, call recording, call forwarding, call distribution, and so on. All these and many more tasks will be automated from ground level, and this will help your team to focus on other important factors like sales.

Also, the in-built CRM integrations with leading tools like Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and Slack makes handling call traffic a cakewalk. This in-built integration on your US virtual phone number ensures that your business communication is completing its life-cycle without exerting much burden on your team. So, your team would be doing more in fewer efforts with cloud communication.

What are the benefits of the cloud communication?

 The clear and precise benefits of cloud communication are:

  • Cost-saving- You need not spend a lot on equipment set up and maintenance if you are choosing cloud communication over any other business communication modes. Everything is deployed on the cloud. Just pay a fixed monthly/annual rental, and you are good to go.
  • Improved team productivity- We have already mentioned that cloud communication comes with an in-built integration and operations automation facility to make things  easier. With these two facilities, your team is likely to spend less time on menial administrative work and can be able to focus on crucial stuff. This way, you are likely to churn out maximum during those working hours.

For example, you need to keep a teammate busy call transferring. Cloud PBX will do it for you. Also, it brings remote working at your service. So, no more unexpected work-offs due to any of the personal reasons. If your employees are not able to come to the office, they can still be at work with a VoIP app.

Also, it brings remote working at your service. So, no more unexpected work-offs due to any of the personal reasons. If your employees are not able to come to the office, they can still be at work with a VoIP app.

  • Globalization is easier than ever- Every business wants to expand on a global level. But, there are many hassles like a high-upfront investment, reliable local presence, and high international call expenses that may force you to stay back. Well, cloud communication can curd them all by offering you a location-free, cost-effective, and easy-to-use virtual local numbers.

For example, with the help of a local US virtual number, you can run a call center from your home location, make international calls at low rates, and have a trustworthy local presence.

Final words

With the changing world, your way of business communication should be changed as well if you wish to stay relevant. Cloud communication is the need of the hour and helps you perform a lot more than you can ever imagine at a dirt-cheap price. So, stop having a abounded and limited business communication with the PSTN-based telephony system and unleash whole new communication capabilities with the cloud phone system.

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