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The Basic Rules for Selling or Buying Gold

Selling or buying gold can seem fairly straightforward. However, it is quite complex to be successful in this investment unless you are vigilant at all levels and follow some basic advice. As you buy gold in hk you need to know the followings.

How Much To Invest

The first rule to keep in mind in all circumstances when talking about selling or buying gold is obviously the 5 to 15% rule. In addition, the amount to invest in this type of investment must be between 5 to 15% of its assets. This tranche is justified by the fact that precious metals like gold constitutes a long-term investment, in principle, or at least in the medium term, in the case of paper gold. Also, if you invest very little, the profits may be less than they should. If you invest abundantly, you risk squandering everything in this kind of investment. In this case, one could very quickly have money problems since there will be no profits before having resold some or all of the gold. This rule is quite simple to apply but it is a golden rule that must be remembered at all costs. There was simply not enough gold for everyone. In addition, the congestion of people in the space of a small stone foot shop created a favorable risk of infection and threat to the spread of the coronavirus. This also prevails along the way. In other words, when you manage to sell two or three gold coins at a profit, you can add to your investment by buying other interesting coins. Either way, the money invested will also only be 5-15% of the entire resale to avoid any concerns about future liquidity.

Knowledge of Premium

The second rule is to only buy quoted gold coins that have a negative, zero or slightly positive premium. This guarantees a lighter purchase and promises the possibility of resale at more expensive prices.

Know how to Resale

The third rule is that it is better, if you have the means, to diversify your gold coins, to also vary the gains and the times of the resale. In fact, the premium associated with each part varies over time. If a Napoleon coin has a 10% premium today, for example, it can go up to 80% later. And another coin with a zero premium may see it go up to 20% later. Also, it would be more interesting to only resell the Napoleon coin with an 80% premium and to keep the other coin at 20% premium for another time, why not when its premium goes up to 50 or 60%, see more.

The Fourth Important Rule for Selling or Buying Gold Is Not To Resell Its Coins

If they are several gold coins, all at once. For those who are thinking of investing in a gold bar, they are further advised to look to the purchase of 172 Napoleon coins first. This is also another tip for selling or buying gold: it seems that it would be easier for them to resell these coins rather than the ingot, especially because these coins can be resold one by one, while the ingot must be sold in full.

In comparison with these coins, it is obviously the price of the gold bar which is advantageous. More particularly, it is about the small gap existing between the selling price of the ingot and its intrinsic value.

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