Monday, October 2, 2023
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The Basics of Business Storage

Small businesses across the United States are thriving or finding their footing once more after suffering through the height of COVID-19. Even with the pall of the pandemic still hanging over the country, businesses are doing their best to keep moving forward. In some cases, this means that they need extra space for their product as sales increase.

One option that small businesses have in cases like these is to rent out storage space. We'll focus on some of the basics of utilizing business storage. 

Storage Unit Size


Businesses across the United States often need a business storage unit for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, a storage facility gives you a place to store additional inventory. Sometimes the storage space at your retail business can get packed. You'll find yourself trying to cram as much of your stock as you can at your place of business. This can be harmful to many small businesses in the United States, as space is already a prime commodity. When you purchase the services of a personal storage facility, you can use this extra space as an affordable solution to your problems.

There are five methods of storing vegetables and fruit: drying, canning, curing and salting, freezing and common storage. Which method is chosen depends upon the type of produce, the quality desired and the facilities available for storage. Regardless of the method chosen, some general rules should be followed: 1.

In advance, though, you'll need to determine what the size will be for your storage unit. Though getting this self-storage unit is a great solution to your worries, you need to make sure that the size of the storage unit fits your needs. You don't want to get storage spaces that are too large. Otherwise, you'll be paying for storage space that you don't need. Since saving money is paramount for many small businesses, make sure to check the square footage of your self-storage facility. 

On the flip side, in some cases, you will need a large unit. This storage space will provide you with as much space as you need and easy access to move your items in and out of the storage unit. As your business continues to grow, you can use this additional space to store any additional inventory that you might have. Checking the square footage of your storage unit is a cost-effective way of finding the best business storage to fit your business's needs.

Storage Facility Amenities

When you move into an apartment complex, one of the biggest draws is the amenities that come with your new rental location. For instance, having wide-ranging access hours to an apartment gym is a godsend for the physically fit amongst us. Likewise, businesses that offer business storage units provide the same perks for those seeking storage solutions. Some of the amenities that these locations offer include 24-hour access, parking spaces, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, physical security systems, security personnel, security lights, cybersecurity, electronic access control, vehicle barriers, and CCTV cameras. 

Once you’ve done some high-level thinking about starting a self-storage business, it’s time to do some research. All of that research will go into a feasibility study that will, as its name suggests, tell you whether the business idea is feasible. You might be able to do this study on your own, but you’d be better off hiring a self-storage consultant to perform it.

Whichever route you go, you need to answer a critical question:

If I build it or buy it, will they come?

In other words: if you invest money in a self-storage facility, will you generate enough revenue to cover debt service and operating expenses, and still make a profit?

One of the most popular amenities that some storage unit locations offers are physical intrusion detection systems. These systems are state-of-the-art physical security technology systems that will give your storage unit the best security possible. This system provides security solutions along the lines of security cameras to help small businesses run safer, smarter buildings. The great thing about such amenities is that they act as a deterrent to keep your stored material safe. The amenities offered by business storage facilities are a great perk of storing your items in places such as these.



The costs associated with renting a storage unit can help you to save money as a small business. When the space at your business becomes a bit cramped, you often can't immediately move to a new location. You have to worry about moving costs, the cost of a new lease, researching a new site, and a host of other issues. Simply renting storage space can help you to save money by storing your items in another location. This can help you not have to worry about the extra expenditures of moving to a new location.

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