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What are the basics of LED lighting?

There are many terms used in the electronic world that can be confusing especially when you have no or limited information. In this case, we want to talk about LEDs. In simple terms, LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. Most people today have chosen to get LED lighting because it produces about 90% extra effectual light than incandescent light bulbs. In simple terms, LED is a semiconductor source of light that emits light when current flows through it continuously.

LED bulbs contain semiconductors that recombine with electron holes to eventually release energy in forms of protons. LEDs are today being used in several ways but the most prominent applications are for lighting.

LED lighting is also used to form numbers on Digital Clocks and also light up watches. You will find them used to transmit information from remote controls and as a signal to tell you when the devices are turned on.

Additionally, LED lights are used to form images on advertising display board. Lastly, I can guess have probably came across them used to illuminate in traffic light.

What is an LED?

LED lighting is a diode that will work to turn electric energy into light. You may be wondering what a diode is? This is a component that can only work in one direction. To make it simple for your understanding, a LED is a component made specifically to emit light when electricity flows through them in one direction. This works from Anode (positive side) to the negative side which is the Cathode.

Types of LED

There are many types of LED but the most common are the surface amount LED chip and the 5mm Oval LED.

  • 5mm Oval LEDs-5mm Oval LEDs are diodes that are enclosed inside a 5mm lens. The application has two thin metal legs on the bottommost part. These types of LEDs have very many applications because they require lower amount of light. In most cases, they are used in architectural lighting, LCD TV/monitor, backlights and commercial lighting.

The 5mm Oval LEDs runs at a smaller drive current which is 30mA and the surface of the mount LED chip runs at 350mA. One of the companies that specialize in producing all kinds of LEDs for your needs is Zhongshan GoodChip Lighting.  Their LEDs range in sizes from 3mm to 5mm and are available in different colors.

  • Surface Mount LEDs-Surface Mount LEDs are also diodes but those that can be placed on a circuit board  to protect it. This is why it’s considered a high Power LED light. They have seamless applications and no wires. They actually have tiny metallic contacts that are soldered to the circuit. They are superior in terms of lighting and are also energy efficient.

With the above information, it’s easy to detect that LEDs in small form produce a gigantic light and at the same time maintains the efficiency.

LED advantages

  • Low current and voltage is needed to run them
  • Good consistency and low delay are additional advantages
  • They have fast response time which is actually 10 nanoseconds
  • They are lightweight and small in size
  • They have a rugged construction that can withstand vibrations and shock
  • They can last up to 500,000 hours.

You now have the primary understanding of LEDs and their applications. This also helps you answer some of the questions you have had in your mind. We are here to help so you just contact Goodchip to chat with our Tech support team.

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