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The Beginners Guide to Nootropics

Your brain is the command center for your nervous system. It receives signals from sensory organs of your body and offers information to the muscles. Weighing about 1.5 kilograms, your brain makes two percent of your total body weight. A brain has 86 billion nerve cells and billions of nerve fibers. So, you should make sure that your brain remains healthy and fit.

Canadians need to pay particular attention to brain health because they are becoming more susceptible to brain health issues like Dementia. Things are so bad that an estimate says that the total annual health care costs that need to be paid by Canadians with Dementia would reach 16.6 billion by 2031.

What are Nootropics?

One of the things that can help Canadians to boost their brain power is to know about nootropics. For those of you who don’t know, nootropics are functional foods, drugs or supplements that if taken regularly can improve many cognitive functions such as memory, creativity, attention, learning and even intelligence levels. They can also protect brain from injuries and have no side effects usually seen by consuming psychotropic drugs. They are also easily available as you can buy them from reputed websites like Yes Wellness.

If you want to dig into the precise meaning, you should know that the word Nootropics is a combination of two Greek words, Nous which means the mind and trepein which means bending or turning. So, one can guess that with nootropics, you bend or turn your mind to be better than it was.

Have Realistic Expectations

When picking the right nootropics, you should not expect any miracles because nootropics won’t make you a genius overnight or make you remember everything from day one. They will, however, make you smarter over time by helping you learn new things easily and retain them for long. Most nootropics should be taken for weeks or months to be able to provide visible results. These benefits are backed by considerable research in this area.

How do Nootropics Work?

One thing you need to remember is that there are many kinds of nootropics and they all work differently to help enhance your brain power, boost memory & learning and protect the brain. Some nootropics can boost the supply of oxygen rich blood to the brain and help enhance learning, mood and memory functions. Some other nootropics can increase dendritic growth which again helps with better memory and easier learning.  You should also know that some nootropics may give immediate results. So, you should do your research and find a product that meets your needs.

Top Categories

There are three main categories of nootropics, and each of them have their strengths. Learning about them will help you make a better decision and get your money’s worth easily.


They increase your alertness and attention which leads to better concentration. They also help ensure that your brain becomes more tolerant to stress. It is done by increasing your energy levels and optimizing blood pressure, respiration and heart rates. The effects of this category of nootropics are usually long lasting in comparison with cognitive enhancers.


They are a good option as they give you more mental clarity, help increase memory capacity, make you calmer, improve concentration levels, help you identify & recognize patterns easily and let you recall whether ideas were hypothetical or factual. Racetams enable your brain to do creative and analytical work at the same time so that you can do tasks like writing lengthy and fact filled content for the readers that doesn’t sound boring or takes a lot of time to read.


They are foods or food products that have effects of stimulants and racetams. They help improve brain activity, preserve it and even help with treating serious health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. The only drawback of this option is the affects you get from them are less pronounced as compared to stimulants or racetams.

A Suitable Option

If you want to get maximum benefit from nootropics, you should know about the stacking process in which different nootropics are combined to give you more benefits than any single nootropic.

Who Should opt for Nootropics?

There are no hard and fast rules about who should have nootropics. Anyone from a student who wants to do well in an exam to a working professional with a lot of responsibilities can go for these. Even homemakers who often forget things or seniors who are scared of being diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s can opt for this brain booster. You can talk to a medical expert if you want but you should know that most nootropics are quite safe and have minimal or no side effects. If you want to maximize the results, make sure that you not only take nootropics but also do some brain exercises to boost your brain power.

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