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The Benefits of having a Business Mentor

Creating a business is a litmus test that does not always happen successfully even doing everything that must be done and following the steps. There are a thousand and one details that can make a project not survive and that taking into account the percentages of failure in the first year and before 5 years of life. Having a business mentor will help you increase your chances of success.

In fact, the normal thing would be to not succeed in creating a successful project if we look at the statistics:

  • Between 50 and 75% of business does not arrive a year
  • 80% of businesses fail before 3 years
  • 90% of business does not reach 10 years.

On the other hand, different studies indicate that 70% of businesses that have a mentor survive twice as long as those that do not have a mentor. In addition, the most successful start ups have had a mentor. Incubators and accelerators have mentors for a good reason.

A new business faces different challenges:

  • Will we be able to attract enough customers? Will we be familiar with how to overcome crises between partners, bad days?

In general, the main problems are usually related to:

  • Achieve a sufficient critical mass of users
  • Attract investors or own financing
  • Carry out a proper financial planning
  • To integrate the technology we need to make our vision a reality

In addition to personal and psychological challenges such as:

  • To be familiar with how to manage stress
  • Know how to manage the pressure of getting up one and another day without seeing results
  • Know how to be patient until you start to see that your idea really works

What is business mentoring?

Mentoring consists in supporting and motivating people to manage their own learning process in a way that maximizes their potential, develops their skills and improves their results.

A mentor like Brian Paes Braga shares his experience in the business area or situation that you want to improve or overcome and supports you so that you can grow professionally and personally. Brian Paes-Braga serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Lithium X Energy Corp.

The mentor shares professional and personal experiences appropriate for each case. Must have relevant experience in its field of action in order to help the client to obtain the best results

Benefits of having a mentor in your business:

A mentor brings clarity, peace of mind but it is also true that if you choose a bad mentor you end up listening to someone and losing time with a person who does not understand what you are talking about, nor gets wet or takes the opposite. To be told that if everything and congratulate you for the idea does not help. We have collected the benefits of "well done" business mentoring from different points of view in order to reflect the importance of a good business mentor in the development of a project.

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