The Benefits of Using Capping Machines For Manufacturers


In the industry where your business is packing liquid goods, a capping machine is necessary. Applying a cap to the bottle is a very important step. If you are capping your bottles manually because you do not ship out as much product, you are wasting time. Making sure that every cap is tight enough and secured can take a lot of time. By investing in a capping machine, you will increase your efficiency and productivity. Apart from speeding up the process, capping machines provide secure and sanitary bottles. Therefore, investing in one can prove to be a good idea.

Different Bottle Capping Machines

When it comes to bottle capping machinery, there are three basic types. There are cap sorters, cap elevators, and capping machines that put the caps on the bottles. The job of the cap sorters is to work the caps, so they are properly oriented. After the cap sorters, the caps go to the capping machine for placement. The job of the cap elevators is to supply the system with caps. Their main goal is to keep efficiency at the maximum. The caps go through a hopper, after which they move to the next step. When it comes to the types of capping machines, there are snap cappers, spindle cappers, chuck cappers, and vertical wheel pluggers. 

The snap cappers work like the name implies. The containers go through while the machine presses a snap-on cap onto them. Next up, there are spindle cappers. As the name suggests, these machines stop the containers in order to spin the caps onto them. In this machine, the containers remain in place while the machine puts on the cap. The chuck cappers work similar to the spindle cappers. The whole process starts by placing the cap on the container. Then the container moves to where the machine spins the cap onto the container sealing it. The difference between the chuck cappers and spindle is that in the process of chuck cappers, the container always moves. In the end, we have the vertical wheel pluggers. When the container uses a plug and not a cap, that’s when wheel pluggers come into play. 

Even when you have these machines, there are still ways to improve. Implementing accessory machines such as cap sorters and cap pre-feeders will prove beneficial. With everything we mentioned so far, you will be ready to cap any container, no matter the type.

Benefits of a Bottle Capping Machine

There are a lot of benefits that the bottle capping machine can bring you. They are so versatile, depending on the type of cap and container you have. Furthermore, when your production reaches a certain level, it is necessary that you acquire a bottle capping machine. Now let us go over some of the benefits of a bottle capping machine.



When it comes to packaging and production in general, speed is important. The faster the capping process, the more containers you can produce. Doing every container manually would take much longer than needed. Manual capping demands that there is an operator who will place caps on the container. This would be necessary for each and every container.

Easy to use

The bottle capping machine is very easy to use. Apart from setting it up, you do not have to worry too much about it. When the machine is up and running, all you need to do is supply the machine with caps when it starts to run out. By swapping out the containers, you will have to adjust the machine accordingly. These adjustments are often made with a simple switch that regulates height and by switching the hand knobs for capping.


The vast majority of capping machines are compatible with several different cap variations and sizes. If the capping principle is the same, there should be no problems at all. The variation in size of the caps is solved by changing the adjustment on the machine. For example, a spindle capper is meant for screw-on caps. However, it can also handle flip tops, flat caps, sports caps, and a few more.


In large-scale production, the most important thing is consistency. When a process becomes automated, everything else also runs without problems. With each bottle coming out the same, the packaging itself is also more consistent. A machine that is maintained regularly will provide the same results again and again. With this, you will always have high-standard products no matter what.

Simple set up 

The last thing we will talk about is how easy it is to set up a capping machine. If you already have a packaging line with conveyors, you can set it up there. If you do not have a production line with conveyors, worry not, as the machine can come with its own conveyor.

Getting a bottle capping machine can improve your production. Whether it is a manual capping machine or an automatic capping machine, it is certain that the effectiveness and standard will go up.

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