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The Benefits of Using Wooden Pallets in Australia

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Wooden pallets in Australia are one of the essential items that are extensively used for shipping. Several commercial industries need them for shipping goods from one part of the world to another. Though pallets are also made of metal and plastic, many companies prefer using wooden ones for specific reasons.

The importance of pallets Australia cannot be denied. Several shippers across the continent it wooden ones are various reasons. Let’s explore some of the reasons why companies seek wooden options more than their counterparts.

Strong & Durable 

Wooden pallets are known to offer higher strength as compared to plastic ones. In fact, it is possible to stack many heavy items on top of the other on a single pallet. It would not be possible with the plastic ones. Because of their sturdy nature, wooden pallets tend to offer structural integrity during transportation. They also keep the products safe and sound, away from the ground, which could easily cause damage from environmental elements.

The ones that are made from wood are also reusable. Therefore, people can use pallets repeatedly until there is a need for repair. By maintaining them properly and not overloading them with objects, it is possible to extend their effectiveness.

Portable & Compact

One of the significant reasons that make companies look for wooden pallets Australia is the fact that they can transport an outsized quantity of items directly. It can do so without compromising on the protection that the products need during transportation. The wooden ones come in a standard shape and size, which makes it easy for forklifts to stack them wherever necessary.

A wooden pallet is known to offer a significant amount of strength for its size. In spite of that, it can be pretty lightweight which doesn’t take up a lot of space. Therefore, it becomes easy for workers to load and unload them. They also do not much weight to the items that are being stacked. Because of this reason, companies having to adhere to weight restrictions might prefer these options.


The best part about using a wooden pallet is that it can be recycled. Unlike used plastic pallets, they can often be put to use in other projects after a point of time. Wood is known to be useful in the form of firewood, compost, mulch, and so on.

Metal and plastic cannot be recycled easily as wooden options. Companies that wish to keep their carbon footprint under check should consider using wooden pallets for shipping and transportation purposes.


As compared to plastic and metal varieties available in the market, the wooden options can be repaired very easily. Most of the times, repairs can be done with the help of a few new nails and a hammer. Surprisingly, it doesn’t require the professional experience of a carpenter in order to handle such repairs.


When it comes to price, wooden pallets are much cheaper as compared to the others found in the market. The raw material’s price used in making them is quite cheap, which isn’t the case with plastic and other metals. Because of this reason, companies get to save a significant amount of money. It is particularly helpful for shippers who want to get the job done within a strict budget. As a result, many shippers in Australia prefer using them against other variants.

Closing Thoughts 

Though there are several advantages of using wooden options, there are a few advantages as well. Unfortunately, they aren’t stain-resistant and can be vulnerable to bacterial attacks. Therefore, the final decision should ultimately depend on the buyer after objectively evaluating the pros and cons with respect to a specific project.

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