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The Benefits Of Virtual GPU

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Virtual graphical processing units (vGPU) bring a GPU's power to virtual desktops, apps and workstations. Multiple workers access vGPU using the same virtualised workspace, whatever their location or access platform. Virtual solutions offer a faster, more readily adaptable platform to cope with demand surges and reduce CPU usage for individual user devices. As a result, remote working and mobility within a workforce can be significantly improved with help from specialist companies such as ebb3.


A smart solution to improved, graphic-heavy applications


On a traditional physical computing device such as a laptop or PC, it is the GPU that performs all encoding, data capture and rendering to power the complex video and 3d apps and many office applications. Early virtualisation saw that processing handled by a CPU-based structure in a data centre host. As a result of more demanding applications, CPUs find it increasingly difficult to keep up with users' rising graphic and performance levels.


Moving to a virtual GPU data centre allows processing to be shared across multiple virtual machines, enabling much greater speeds and capacity to improve application and desktop performance.


Organisations can now build virtual desktop infrastructures that scale this cost-effectively across their business. A physical GPU on a server is used to create virtual GPU's, increasing the one-to-one relationship from GPU to the user to GPU to many users.


Work carried out by individual CPU's is then transferred to the GPU giving the individual users a better experience whilst more users can be supported.


The benefits of vGPUs for your business


vGPU technology allows all workers to benefit from the same optimal performance, as most processing power is provided virtually. This results in accelerated processing times, productivity while still offering secure collaboration. Their use accelerates computer-intensive server workloads, including AI, HPC and deep learning.


vGPU is perhaps most commonly associated with being of benefit to graphics-heavy applications such as CAD and Photoshop. However, they are also of excellent service to knowledge workers using office applications, browsers, and fast running modern operating systems such as Windows 10, Skype or PowerPoint. All of these can benefit from greater efficiency to provide a better end-user experience. The education sector is one of the common verticals to have significantly benefited from vGPU technology.


Predictable performance for all users and a continuously innovative roadmap ensures that services can be tailored to consumption models. The efficiency of use allows the best user density to maximise productivity and give optimal management and monitoring capability.


Saving money and time


vGPU technology can also lead to lower operational costs, as companies optimise the costs of providing machines. The ability to change configurations and roll out updates timely through a central virtual platform reduces in-house IT investment.


Proactive management from virtual hosts will reduce IT failure resulting in less unplanned downtime or absence due to system issues.


Virtually accessed workspaces enable greater fluidity within a workforce as workers can freely transfer between settings and devices.  Users accessing a workspace virtually are likely to be more productive through the shared environment.


A huge benefit to using vGPU over traditional GPU technology is enhancing the system’s performance to match high user requirements with minimal delay. The cost is likely to be less.


The future of business


Forward-thinking businesses require a digital workplace that provides flexibility to be better placed to deal with whatever the work environment throws at them. Users working from home or transferring to the office need never suffer system issues again, with the vGPU platform offering optimum user experience from any setting.

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