The Best Alternatives in Modern Dentistry to Resolve Tooth Loss

Modern Dentistry to Resolve Tooth-loss

Loosing a tooth is sad and it can prove to be a great loss in course of time if the problem is not resolved immediately. Fortunately, modern dentistry  like this Dentist in Greenbelt offers a list of solutions to overcome tooth-loss. In the following paragraphs let’s discuss some of the best options to resolve the gap on your jawline caused by missing teeth.

  • Dental implants: This is the most realistic solution to missing tooth or teeth problems. Unlike the other alternatives, implants have an exceptionally high success rate and cater to both aesthetic and functional aspects.
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    Tooth implants don’t only solve the problem of a single missing tooth, rather you can also avail full mouth dental implants when you’re missing all the teeth in your mouth. Implants are basically metal posts that are drilled into your jawbone to act as the supporting root of your missing tooth or teeth. Obviously, you require to possess sufficient jawbone to support the metal post. Usually, bio-compatible metals like titanium is used, which gradually fuses with your jawbone and the surrounding tissues. This is how implants easily last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance. Once the surgical wound is completely healed up, an artificial crown is placed on the implant post to make it appear like a natural tooth.
  • Removable partial dentures: It is exceptionally embarrassing when your front teeth are missing. A removable partial denture is an ideal solution to replace one or many missing teeth. It is usually worn during the day and metal clasps are used to hold them in place inside the mouth. These supporting clasps remain visible whenever you speak or smile. The partial dentures themselves are also known to move slightly while talking and eating. This causes sufficient inconvenience. On the positive side, if you avail this particular tooth loss solution, there’s no need to file down your teeth. If all the teeth in your mouth is missing, you can avail full denture to solve your problem.
  • Temporary dentures: As the name suggests, it is a short-term solution to your missing tooth. This alternative flips in and out very frequently and thus, is also called a flipper. This temporary solution is provided in cases where a dental bridge or implant post will be drilled in near future but before that the treatment site needs to be healed of the surgical wound. Alike removable partial dentures, their temporary counterpart is also much cost-effective, not long-lasting and less bulky. There‘s also no need to file down the surrounding teeth to fit in a flipper.

In addition to the alternatives discussed above, a dental bridge is another good solution to teeth loss. It is applicable in cases where one has lost a tooth and there are teeth on both sides of the gap. Obviously, you’ve to file down the adjacent teeth to make room for the bridge to fit in. It is important to consult with a recommended dentist in East Dulwich before availing any of the alternatives to resolve your tooth loss problem. He or she‘ll obviously assess your overall condition and provide you with the best suggestion.

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