The best Android card games to download from the Play Store


Recently you bought a new Android smartphone, you enjoy “adding something unusual” with the properties must-have, like the ones I mentioned in my piece with the best free Android apps in the market, but now is the time to think the something serious. 

So tell me, are you ready to discover and download the ones that should be saved in me (and at the end of the guide I hope yours too) are the best games for Android-based mobile devices? Yes? Very good, so take a few minutes of free time to read these lines, grab your smartphone, and go crazy! You see, you will never regret it.


Very good, so take a few minutes of free time to read these lines, grab your smartphone, and go crazy! You see, you will never regret it, said John O. From Mimy.


If you are a fan of solitaire, broomstick, poker, and several others. Then I believe you can not miss the best titles, listed below, the practice of the genre in question and download directly from the App Store. Check it out now!

·         Collection of more than 250 loners - This is a collection of more than 150 solitaire card games. It's free.

·         Pool Deck Poker - This is a free poker game with realistic 3D visual effects and customizable avatars. It is based on a virtual machine and supports online challenges. You can also play as a guest without registering. It is free with in-app purchases.

·         Jogatina River - It is a flawless digital version of Scopa game with customizable card decks and game tables. Support 2 or 4. Challenges Free.

·         Burraco - This is without a doubt the perfect title for all Buraco fans. It offers the ability to synchronize Web and multiplayer player to users from all over the world. It's free.

·         Victory - It is a game dedicated to Briscola with three levels of difficulty and more than 15 achievements to unlock. It supports single-mode and multimode online players. It's free.

·         ONE and friends - This is a multiplayer version of the popular UNO card game online. It is free with game purchase content included.

·         Tressette - Another unpopular title for lovers of card games. Have a tressette within reach of your smartphone. The game allows you to play solo and in multiplayer mode. It's free.

·         Pyramid Solitaire Saga - This is a fun card game in which you will have to solve hundreds of solitaire games set in stages, all set in addiction and deep world. It is free with in-app purchases.

Google Play Pass

Another great solution you have at your side to access Android Games  Google Play Pass. A subscription that costs 4.99 euros/month (29.99 euros/year) with one-month free trial gives you the possibility of accessing hundreds of games and apps without ads or purchases in-app. Also, Family Guardians can share space with five other family members. The service is available on all devices with version Android 4.4 and later and Play Store 16.6.25 and later. For more information, please visit the official website or open the Play Store and select something related to Google Play Pass in the menu (top left).