The Best Business Event Management Software 2019


If you’re an event or conference organizer, perhaps you are good at switching hats under time pressure. You want to make sure everything falls in the right place, which is not an easy process when you’re doing it all by yourself. Especially for corporate events and business conferences, there are some additional things you have to care about, such as attendees’ satisfaction and the event’s success. Planning a business event is never smooth sailing. You need to find a venue, create the agenda, get sponsors on board, sort out seating plans and meal arrangements and that's all before you start to see the clients who’re willing to attend.

Event management software makes the process less of a headache. Event planners confirm: In a recent survey, it stated that 35% of respondents said technology has been the greatest gamechanger for the industry. Event management software comes in all shapes and sizes and promises all sorts of success.

For all those event planners out there, looking to create a digital world around their event, Picktime is the best option. Picktime - web-based event management software that perfectly fits into all your needs. It allows you to create as many services as you need and multiple service providers at free of cost. Your clients will only need to pick a date, choose a service, and time and confirm the booking. It is a free online appointment scheduler designed specifically for Business to Business events, workshops, and meetings. It is the fastest and the most effective way for all participants to meet the right people and book appointments with each other.

Picktime is the right solution for all your event scheduling and staff management issues. It is great looking with a professional interface cloud hosting and a great booking system for your event business or conferences whether they’re small meetups or large accords. The ease of using it is- it can be accessed from any internet device with the browser (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones). Picktime can also sync with your calendar, ensuring you never get double booked and allowing for each meeting that’s scheduled in Picktime to appear on your calendar with color codes.

Benefits of using Picktime

1.   Booking Calendar-

Picktime's user-friendly interface allows you to make bookings directly in the calendar in just a few clicks. You are able to see everything at a glance and get a full visual overview of the available bookings for the event. The drag and drop functionality lets you easily move bookings around and make adjustments and meetings possible for further changes when needed.

2. 24/7 Business Availability-

Allow your clients to reschedule appointments or bookings to the business events at their own convenience – anywhere, anytime, and on any device with an internet connection. Offering self-service scheduling online will make your business available round the clock throughout the year, increasing the number of new leads and generating more business possibilities.

3. Automated Reminders-

Automated reminders and confirmations will reduce up to 70% of the back and forth discussions for scheduling an appointment, reduce the time your team spends on the phone by 40% as well as decrease no-shows percentage by 80%. This is one of the greatest advantages to make your show a hit.

4. Add a Book Now Button to Your Website-

Clients typically access the online scheduling system through a “Book Now” button found on your website, or from an URL provided to them by the Picktime. Once the date and time are selected, Picktime will automatically confirm the booking and instantly record it within your business Picktime account, without any staff action needed.

With Picktime, you can organize and plan your events with zero chaos and success follows you. Sign up for free, no premium memberships or installation charges. Picktime comes with zero hidden charges all you gotta do is click and sign up, NOW!