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The Best Business Ideas to Help You Start Your Own Business in Summer 2021

So you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start from? If you are planning to do so then you don’t need to be Jeff Bezos. You can start from small and learn from big examples. E.g. Amazon saw a rise in its stock price (almost double) in the early part of the latest small business 2020.

What did they do differently? They adapted to the changing circumstances and changed the situation in their favor making even the pandemic favorable to them. Now with the motivation set let’s move to ideas. In this article we are have 6 ideas that can be great inspiration for a business in the summer of 2021.

1.    To nature, we belong

Many people in the pandemic are stuck at home and the negativity has brought them closer to nature. During this time people feel more attracted to nature and want a beautiful manageable garden of their own.

That is where your business can play a role. You can start with gardening classes, gardening gadgets, and even sell plants in cute pots. You can use platforms like Youtube, Pinterest, and your own site to create tutorials. You can guide people who want to start their own garden and how they can make the most out of their small spaces.

With climate change, global warming and pollution people are turning back to eco-friendly alternatives. During this time a gardening business can help people feel more positive about their purchases and their impacts.

A 2020 survey by Axion Marketing reported that 86% of people who are into gardening said they would want to stick to their gardening habits and keep their garden in 2021. Thus it’s a great opportunity if you feel like gardening is your thing!!

2.    Micro-weddings

Many people postponed their wedding or had a small event during the pandemic. For many, it was due to health concerns and to many the government made their weddings boring. While more people are facing the same issues your business can step in and help them with their dream wedding without the huge crowd.

You can serve as a wedding photographer as people are trying to support local businesses these days, you can provide rental services if you own any land, planning services, catering, etc.

3.    Fruit juices for a healthier lifestyle

The coronavirus has made us all health-conscious. As people are spending more time at home, they want to make healthy choices and routines to reach their fitness goals. Taking advantage of the healthy eating revolution you can start a fruit juice shop online and supply people with juices according to their specific requirements.

Plus summer is the ideal time to start a fruit juice shop. You can even introduce plans for people who want to achieve a certain figure. For weight gain and loss or to boost immunity, you can have a variety of plans for all kinds of customers. This can prove to be a very attractive marketing strategy so do give it a thought!!!

4.    We all scream for Ice-cream!!!

Summers and ice cream are the perfect match!!! It won’t require huge capital and if you can maintain a good standard of ingredients you can market it as a healthy choice for ice-cream lovers. A great marketing strategy you can use is to keep your packaging eco-friendly and the brand sustainable!!!! Considering the pandemic you can have an online store that delivers quickly.

Take the example of “Go Ice-cream” in Michigan, the owner introduced delivery service, pick up service, shipping, and pickup appointments instead of waiting for the pandemic to be over with. Quick thinking made his business earn good money and become a success story!!

5.    The beauty of handmade items!!

You might think the world is too advanced for handmade items but that’s not exactly true. There are still people out there who value art and the beauty of handmade items. Platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and BigCommerce, etc. Offer opportunities to people who have skills like making wallets, lamps, decoration items, etc.

True talent never goes wasted so if you have a secret talent it’s time to make it into a business. According to GlobalNews, Shopify alone saw a 110% profit rise during the pandemic so you might wanna check them out to be your future business platform.

6.    Freelance blogging, writing, and SEO

According to a 2020 article by the NPR, 2 million Americans have joined the freelancing community in the past 12 months as stated by Upwork. The rise shows this area is promising and can be a great investment of your time and efforts.

Freelancing is a vast sea. It offers many fields like writing, graphic designing, virtual assistance, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), etc. As an individual, you offer your services and establish yourself as an equal so it’s a form of business.

The pandemic has stressed on online work more than ever and depending on your skills you can take up this challenge.

You can even hire people from such platforms to expand your business e.g. if you own an Edtech company that arranges summer camps or a digital marketing company that provides SEO services in Connecticut, you can increase your network at a time where people are finding jobs more than ever.


In this article, we went through 6 great business ideas that you should consider in the summer of 2021. From having a gardening-related business that serves nature freaks to a wedding business that makes couples eager to get married, the possibilities are endless. You can start a juice or an ice cream store too to beat the heat.

If you are creative then consider selling handmade items or start freelancing as there are global platforms to learn and earn from. At the end of the day, it depends on you and on your skills but a little inspiration can give you the push you always needed.

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