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The Best Dermatologist in Jaipur Advanced Laser Hair Removal Solutions

Laser hair removal is a medical treatment that removes the unwanted hair from a person’s body using a concentrated beam of light or we call it “laser”. People generally use laser treatment in locations like the armpit, upper lip, chin and other sensitive areas. And when it comes to such sensitive treatments, people only refer to the best dermatologist in Jaipur only. By doing that, they not only eliminate any risks but also get assurance of better success rates. 

Choosing the right treatment by the right skin doctor is important when it comes to laser treatment. And if you are looking for such an option, Dr. Sachin Sharda is the one to consult. Dr. Sachin is the best dermatologist in Jaipur for highly advanced laser treatments to remove hair in the most secure way. 

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

What Is Laser hair removal by top dermatologist in Jaipur

In layman language, laser hair removal is a process of removal of hair by exposing it to the laser pulses that destroy the hair follicle for its permanent removal. 

During this hair removal treatment, a laser emits light on the skin and the pigment in the hair absorbs it. The light energy is further converted into heat that damages the tube-shape sacs present under the skin (the one responsible for hair production). And this damage helps in delaying hairs on the skin. 

Why do people opt for Laser treatments?

People who have greater hair intensity or have fast hair growth generally opt for laser treatment. This process helps in removal of hair from areas like armpits, upper lips, bikini line and legs as well. Laser treatment removes hair from any area except for the eyelid and its nearby ones. 

By opting for this advanced hair removal technology, they get a onetime solution to the unwanted hair removal needed for a long period of time. However, people with skin tattoos must avoid using this mode to remove hair.

The success of this treatment depends on various things including the hair colour and your skin type as well. The main role in hair removal is played by the pigment of the hair and how it absorbs the light. And that’s why a hair removal does not damage the skin of the person. 

What are the Benefits of Laser Method for Hair Removal? 


The biggest benefit of laser hair removal is that it helps in eliminating the excess of hair growth from the skin permanently. And you get a clear hair-free area that includes face, chin, back, arm, underarm and other areas. 

Here are some benefits of laser that attract people the most:

  1. The best part about the laser is that it only targets the hair (dark and coarse hairs) while your skin remains unaffected by the heat. 

  2. Every pulse of the laser takes a few seconds and takes multiple hairs at the same time for a faster process. The laser takes around a quarter’s size every time it hits the skin, making the area hair-free. 

  3. Due to its faster performance, it takes less than a minute to treat upper lips and chins. 

  4. Most of the patients encounter permanent entire hair loss after three to four sessions. 

Why is it Important to Choose a Trustworthy Dermatologist for Laser Removal?

Choosing the right dermatologist is a very important decision to take. Not only does your success rate depend on that decision but it also minimizes any future complications. And when you have sensitive skin, it becomes a need for choosing a trustworthy dermatologist. 

Top dermatologist in Jaipur will diagnose your skin type and help in deciding the best treatment for you. He also guides you on how to take care of your skin after the laser process in the future. 

The Best Dermatologist in Jaipur for Laser Hair Removal- Dr. Sachin Sharda 

Dr. Sachin Sharda best skin specialist in jaipur - Jaipur Skincity

If you are looking for the safe and effective laser hair removal treatment in Jaipur, visit Jaipur Skincity. A clinic dedicated to skincare that offers all types of skin and hair treatments like hair removal, hair transplant, cosmetic surgery, PRP hair loss and many others. 

Dr. Sachin is a renowned skincare expert and dermatologist in Mansarovar Jaipur and is also known in Jhotwara, Durgapura, Tonk road, Vaishali nagar and other prime areas in Jaipur. The founder of the one and only Rajasthan’s First FUE Hair Transplant and Best Laser Center- Jaipur Skincity. Dr. Sachin has dedicatedly worked as a dermatologist for several years with experience of more than 3000 surgeries. He is also a trained doctor for hair transplant treatments. At Jaipur Skincity, he makes sure that the person gets the best treatment at the ideal price and 100% satisfaction from the treatment. 

Treatments given at Jaipur Skincity by Dr. Sachin Sharda 

Jaipur Skincity is an all-in-one skincare clinic in Jaipur that treats all types of skin and hair related issues with expertise. With a highly experienced team of dermatologists, they only use the latest technology to perform hair removal techniques. 

Treatment for Hair Removal offered at Jaipur Skincity are:

  1. They use the world’s best and latest diode laser for hair removal called “LightSheer Duet”. An FDA approved machine that doctors use in Europe and USA for laser hair treatment.

  2. Dr. Sachin offers Nd:YAG – the second best technology for hair removing used at the clinic. 

  3. Special diode laser- a laser that people consider as a gold standard for hair removal treatments. 


Get the best hair removal treatment by Dr. Sachin- the best dermatologist in Jaipur to get the clear skin that you always desire.

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