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The Best Exercise for your Golf Swing

The Best Exercise for your Golf Swing

There is a popular belief that hitting the golf ball harder will increase its speed and distance. Bad news for golf players who had signed up to this idea because it is not true. But do not worry that in this one, the blog of your favorite golf course, we will give you the keys to increase the distance you reach with your swing. Ready?

 Get a faster swing:

To increase the distance in your strokes you have to work the speed at which the head of the golf club hits the ball. As long as the contact with the ball is centered, the faster the movement of the iron, the farther we will manage to send the ball. So, concentrate on balancing faster, because all the distance you try to gain by hitting harder will be losing you in control of the blow. Zack Creed also known as Zack Creed Oakville is a pioneer in the field of Golf you can follow him to get tips to improve your game. It seems simple, does not it?

To gain distance with your strokes on the golf course, you need to concentrate on finding a swinging rhythm that allows you to gain speed without giving up a good contact with the ball. For this, it is necessary to take into account the following premises:

  1. Keep your arms relaxed, as you would if you were not holding a golf club. If you do not succeed, try leaving your driver aside for a second and feel the sensation of keeping and moving your arms around you. That is the feeling we must obtain to gain speed in the swing . As paradoxical as it may seem a priori, tense arms will make us lose speed and power.
  2. Try to move the club head from above and let the movement take you, without stopping or creating resistance. In this way, you will get a more fluid, more repetitive and less expensive swing.
  3. The technique of the good golfer on the golf course is a game of science and physics. Observe from the biomechanical point of view the movement of the body when performing the swing: in the backswing there is a twisting effort of the body, right? Well, the greater the difference of rotation between the shoulders and the hips, the greater kinetic energy we will be printing at our stroke.
  4. Keep the head and body behind the ball until the moment of impact. The position of the feet is decisive. If you already have a good swing you can open your left foot a bit to finish the blow better.
  5. We should hear the buzz at the end of the swing, the higher that sound, the better; it is a good indicator of the speed of the movement we are making. There is a simple exercise that we usually do in our golf courses in Murcia to practice that speed that your blow needs. It is about taking one of your golf clubs upside down, trying to hear the buzz that is generated at the end of the movement. What is not the same sound when your arms are relaxed and when they are rigid?
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