The Best Found Tips for Home Inspection Marketing Ideas


Home inspection jobs are quite challenging. You have to take tours to various properties in order to ensure that they are safest for the occupants. As responsible as you are for the job, you have to ensure that everybody around you knows that you are dedicated to your work. Well, how does that happen? The easiest way to gain this is by creating a perfectly good marketing strategy.

 How to market your home inspection work far and wide?

Marketing for home inspectors via Digital Rafter is very important. They are an experienced team of marketing agents having around 170 experts in this field who are ready to provide the limelight to your business efficiently. Well, if you want to know how to carry on this marketing with or without their help systematically, then you can read the below-listed tips.

  • Create a complaint website — A top-class website is important to let your customers know more about you and even find you from the rush of other home inspectors. If you are designing a website, you should keep in mind that it should be mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly as well. It should have all your details listed systematically along with your contact information. You should also highlight your previous experiences and customer reviews on your website. Only then can you get hold of the best customers seeking help for their home inspection.

  • Google my business site is essential as well — Any business whether it is a home inspection company or others cant survive well on Google if you are not listing it on the “my business site”. It is very important to have your company’s name on Google for the ease of the customers to find you.

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  • Location-based reach — Whenever you are trying to promote your business through digital mediums, remember to keep the local SEO in mind. Well, we have seen lots of home inspectors getting approached only because they are situated in a certain area. That is why it is important that you list your business according to the local SEO system on Google.

  • Highlight your work on social media — You just can't challenge the importance of social media presence for your business. When you are inspecting a house or you have successfully created a report, highlight this on your social media channels. This will let your followers be aware of your excellent work and incredible experience. Ultimately, you get a lot of work and opportunities because of it.

  • Business cards and flyers — Pictorial graphics are one of the best ways to attract the attention of your customers. You should also have a business card handy to provide the ones approaching you. Ensure that you are designing them both creatively and with all your relevant information listed on it.


Planning a marketing strategy for any business is challenging. But for your home inspection business, it can appear trickier. Because you don't have visible proof of your work, just the reports that are almost very confidential. So, everything is dependent on how efficiently you highlight your work to your customers and let them know about the satisfactory experiences of your previous customers. If you ask for our suggestions, we suggest you hire only professional experts in home inspection marketing for such kind of tricky strategizing.