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The Best Link Building Strategy for a New Website

Link building is a strategy that helps web pages to link with each other by means of a hyperlink. It helps the audience to navigate between multiple pages on the internet. Building links is a prominent tactic use in SEO as it provides a signal to Google that your won site is a quality resource of citation.

It is a fact that every SEO was a newbie at one time, and it appears to be a more exciting initiative to promote a business or a website. At the excitement may turn into disappointment when an SEO come to know about a little or no traffic on his/her website.  To deal with such situation one must follow some link building strategies that work to generate traffic and can increase engagements of a website.

The most prominent and best link building strategies are as follows:

Build Links with High Probability link Channels

Developing links with famous linking channels will be more helpful to search engines. Linking your websites to others or linking others on your website can build trust with high search engines. Do not try to spread too far, just stick to the Bestof the Web and

Submit a Press Release to PR sites

Another best way for link building is sending your press release to top PR sites to spread the news about your lunch. If a product is not newsworthy it has fewer chances to be the pick. Having dimensions in the press release will help top rated blog to use those dimensions in their own blogs. This is the best way to link your site to others.


If you have a product related to your business or website make sure you contact the famous and on the top bloggers and offer them to review your products in their blogs. The biggest bloggers with the largest audience will generate traffic to your site as well as you can achieve success in SERPs with these efforts.

Start Blogging

Blogging is the best way to promote your product or service by linking them down in your blogs. By sharing fresh content constantly, you can gain more traffic within days and your website will ranke soon on SERPs.

Go Social

A great way to get immediate traffic is to start a linkbait that can increase your traffic. Spending a day or more in creating something unique will result in the great success of achieving more audience and engagements.

Get Local

Submitting website’s URLs on all local directories and search engines is essential for all small initiatives who are still in progress.  This will increase the search engine rate as well as generate more traffic to the website. Outspoken media has a great guide for you to start your own small business website.

Guest Blog

Search for the bloggers in relevant niche or service makes an appreciation blog by mentioning them and their expertise. Mostly the bloggers will be extremely generous and most of the time they give a huge shout out to you. The result will be a terrific increase in audience.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another great way to link with all other websites having same niche and relevant interests. Social bookmarking is easy to build links but at the same time, it is not helpful unless one bookmarks the right sites. The major trick for social bookmarking is that bookmark everything related to your interest rather than only your blog posts that will make your bookmark appear more natural.

Write an Article and Submit to Article Directorate

Writing an article and submitting it to the proper websites for example Ezine Article and Article city etc. is a great way to get a link back in those sites. This will surely help you to get more traffic an audience for your own website, industry or business. Writing a detailed article on these websites is another strong strategy for link building.

Friends and Family Members

While at the beginnerlevel, it is the best way to get link building from your own family members or friends. It is not as difficult to call up a friend and asking them for a recommendation. It is the easiest way to get link building with other sites

Local Organization

Every city in a country has a local chamber of e-commerce nowadays. Joking those chambers and sharing your content on their websites is also helpful in growing your audience. Most of the time you get more leads by getting to know about other businesses and sites and by knowing how they are working.

Local News

Developing a relationship with newspaper writers and making yourself available for commenting on their stories and posts is also another unique and easy way to get more traffic to your site as well. You can simply comment on their stories and share your hidden link there, as a result, you will gain more audience and traffic.

Build a Hub page

Creating a hub page is another strong strategy of getting links back to your website. The most effective hub pages are those having almost 450 words and explaining everything in those 450 words and by relevant videos, pictures,and polls.


For a strong link building marketing the strong strategies, serve as an essential part. Having great determination for work by linking your marketing website to other websites by following any of the described tactics will surely help in growing your own marketing website. Moreover, one can generate any other strong strategy by his/her own creation and thinking which will also be helpful.

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